Thursday, October 30, 2008

First Prenatal Yoga Class

I had my first “official” prenatal yoga class at Art & Soul Yoga in Worchester/Blue Bell. It was wonderful. There were five other mamas, five first timers and a second timer. At the introductions, instead of giving any real history, I just said “Hi, I’m Michele and this is my third.” Everyone just smiled and nodded; there was no stress or worry that anyone was going to ask questions. The class lasted an hour, with a good ten minutes of relaxation, during which time the instructor actually gave a mini-back rub! It was heavenly. I had practically talked myself out of going, but Peter convinced me to try it.

The car fairies must be ticked at us because both our cars failed inspection (Peter’s needs a $900 catalytic converter, so far mine has $1200 in repairs and they haven’t even figured out yet why the “check engine” light has come on). When he told me yesterday, I just about fell apart and decided I couldn’t spend $144 on 8 yoga classes when we were going to need $2000 and possibly $3000 to fix our cars. $2000 is my entire month of paycheck! And we need half of that to meet our expenses. With helping family financially (an entirely different story and one not for my blog…), we have given away our savings and not had a chance to rebuild it because of the continued economic issues going on. So that means I have to work up some magic and pull the money out of thin air! Truly, we will just have to tell folks we can’t help them the next few months, because the next 3 months of our “spare” (which isn’t really spare) will have to go to our cars. Perhaps I’m being too hard on the car fairies… At least this happened while I have a job and we can, somewhat, make it happen. We need our cars, so they have to pass inspection, and better now than in the spring. But still, it kills our plans to visit Tennessee and to buy a freezer for our joint Christmas gift to the house. Oh well… Something will come up.

Anyway, Peter told me that I should at least take the class to see if it was something that could help and that, if it could, then that would be money well spent on our little one. So, Zoë and I went and had a wonderful time, full of relaxing music, a gifted instructor, and much needed relaxation & meditation. There was time where we just held our babies and focused on sending them our love and nurturing energy. It was perfect.

When I told Peter about it, he said, “This doesn’t mean we aren’t going to have mommy/daddy/baby yoga, does it?” How cute is that!!! I told of course not, that we’d continue to do that during the week and then I’d have my once-a-week class. It was such a gift. I am so glad that our OB and Bradley instructor encouraged it and that Peter convinced me to go!


S said...

the car fairies dumped their special magic on us too! We have the "check engine" light on too, which means the Jetta failed emmissions. Man cars can be a really pain the ass. I'm glad your class went so well. I had been wanting to try that place out too! There is another one closer in Lansdale too.

The Beauty Junkie said...

That sucks. I was just in that same boat a few weeks ago with the car. I think you deserve the class, even if you guys have to eat PB&J for a few weeks to make up the difference. At least you'll be relaxed.