Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

So here we are, one year later... A year ago, I sat on the couch, pregnant, and completely sure I was pregnant with twins, only 4 days post ovulation. I remember us handing out candy to our trick or treaters and the discussion of how we would spend Halloween this year... And now, here I am, sitting on the couch, waiting to give candy to trick or treaters who have yet to appear, which makes me more sad. I've seen them on the other side of the street, walking towards the neighborhood. I'm hoping they'll come back down this side. I keep hearing them outside and in the housing development next to us. I have our two jack-o-lanterns lit, our lights turned on, and bowls of candy at each of the two main doors. All I'm missing are the trick or treaters!

Last night, Peter and I carved our two pumpkins. Due to the weather we've had, they were actually quasi frozen inside! There were ice crystals and the insides were cold! Peter cut the tops, I cleaned them, then we each carved one. Mine had squinty eyes and a jagged mouth. His had half moon eyes and an "o" shaped mouth, sort of like a scared jack-o-lantern.

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