Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Another positive sign

Yesterday, we had our 2nd OB appointment with Dr. Bailey, and all went well! We had another u/s and saw Zoë playing! She was rolling over and kicking and punching- it was beautiful. And her heartbeat was between 156 and 164- nice and strong. Music to our ears. I cried for most of the u/s out of joy. My cervix measured 3.6 and, since it is dynamic, Dr. B. said that it wasn't an issue that 2 weeks ago we were at 3.8-4. It's curved so an exact measurement is hard, but it was still in a T shape, which is the optimal shape. At this point, no cerclage surgery unless we absolutely need it because of the risks involved. He wants to continue seeing us every 2 weeks. If my cervix drops below 3, then every week, and if it hits 2, then surgery ASAP. He's hoping it stays in the 3 range (as are we!!!). But right now, all is well and the countdown to our next appt. begins! I also have to go to two consults with MFM for 2 high resolution u/s and a battery of blood tests. The first is in 2 weeks and then the next will be the week of December 14th.

I called to schedule the appointments and, after a nice long wait, was told that I can't schedule December's appointment until November (they only open up the next month at the beginning of the month prior) and that the woman on the phone doesn't schedule appointments: she only takes messages for the scheduler! Are you kidding me??? So, basically, I had to leave a message and the appointment setter will call me back within 48 hours to schedule my appointment. The two week appointment is listed as "Sequential Screen with Ultrasound, 1st trimester >14 weeks". The December one is listed as "Ultrasound, Detailed Anatomy Survey, Singleton" and requires a perinatal consult. The first test is under "Genetic Testing", since we declined the Amnio and CVS. I'm hoping to schedule it on the same day as my next prenatal appointment, so that I can spend the one day at the hospital, rather than trying to figure out two days in one week that I can take off. October is super busy at the library and scheduling is going to be tricky if I don't have more than a 2 week notice. But, this is priority- nothing else.

I told my boss today and she took it really well. She was very supportive and told me we'd be in her prayers. She also said that I can tell people as I want, begining with my staff and telling the main library folks when I am ready. She was very supportive. It was nice. I was really nervous about telling her, because with my history, I know this puts a burden of stress on her. But she was really laid back about it and told me to take care of myself and to let her know how things progressed at appointments.

So far, a tad stressful of a day, but all is well. We have our final 40 Hours service as Church tonight, and are spending 5:30 on in Adoration, which will be nice. (The service begins at 7pm). Peter had his men's group meeting at another local Catholic Church last night, so I went alone, but it was a beautiful service. I'm looking forward to another lovely one tonight.

Yesterday's U/S pics aren't scanned yet, but I'll post them when I have them!

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