Saturday, October 18, 2008

High Resolution Ultrasound

At 7:30am yesterday, we had our high resolution u/s and some blood work. Our little was was actually asleep! HB was 163 but our baby was curled up, resting in a half moon in my womb. Beautiful. I was a tad ticked because the tech wanted her to move for better images so she kept ramming the wand against my stomach to try and wake her up. Well! Hands would move and then cross and back to sleep! This child is her father's image! That man can sleep through anything!

At 8:45, the high risk doctor called. The u/s images looked, in his words, "totally normal." Amen! We are now waiting for the blood test results. They are doing whatever genetic tests they can do using just my blood and the u/s images. In December, I have to go back for more bloodwork and then another high resolution u/s later in the month.

I have a doctor's appt with Dr. B. on Wednesday, but Peter can't come. :( Sadness. An emergency meeting has been called and he has to be there. Rescheduling- not an option b/c Dr. B. is away Monday and Tuesday. Oh well. :(

I really dont feel well. I've been fighting a cold and I think it is getting the best of me.

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