Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Christening Gown

Mom, ironing the bamboo fabric for the gown and coat of the Christening Gown.

Yesterday, my mother-in-law visited and after ooing and ahhing over the Christening Gown patterns that Peter and I selected so many months ago (no one had seen them but us, and now her!), went shopping with me for fabric. For those who may not know, my MIL is an EXCELLENT seamstress. Her mother was one and she learned her awesome skills from her. She made her own wedding dress (with Abuelita), made my wedding dress (it was a 95% her/5% me split, LOL), and now our Christening Gown... She also made clothes for Peter and his brother, and Peter's Christening Suit. She really does beautiful work. She knits and does crafts as well. Peter and I (and baby!) have sweaters, scarves, Peter even has socks! Needless to say, one day I hope to do as well! At this point, I can sew a button and make something VERY basic.

Anyway... We went to the closest Joanne's Fabrics and spent $75 which sounds cheaper than it was. We selected a beautiful white bamboo for the main gown and coat. For the lining, we selected a lightweight cotton. We picked up ecru embroidery floss (the bamboo is not a "pure" white but isn't quite off either) and winter white thread. We also selected some small, simple buttons, and thin silk ribbon for trim. We want a gown that works for both a boy and a girl, so we decided to modify the patterns and keep it more subdued than lace and ribbon filled. The bamboo was $15 a yard and we needed 6.5 yards!!! That's nearly $100- just for the bamboo! But, thanks to my MIL's mad crazy skills, we got it for 50% off. She is always one to tear through the circular and found a coupon after she saw other people taking circulars to the cash registers. For those who have never worn bamboo, it is a lot like cotton, but is VERY soft and completely sustainable. Peter has several shirts and LOVES them. If I could replace all his shirts with them, I would. They wash and wear great and did I mention how soft they are???

Afterwards, we headed home and had lunch at Nadia's, my favorite Thai place (and a close top on my MIL's list too!) Then, because she is such a trooper, we went back home to work on the gown!

I washed and dried the fabric and she ironed it, after we took a small road trip while it dried. She was trying to get bobbins to thread on my old sewing machine (inherited from Peter's paternal grandmother). I love the machine, but it's from the early 50s and has started to go... Sadness... Long story short, the bobbins no longer spin to load. THANK YOU to my awesome, wonderful friend Sarah for being dear enough to let me barge in on her lunch to fill 4 bobbins. YOU ROCK!!! Even though we weren't able to really do much sewing, this was a life saver because MIL is going to stop by during days when she has time while we're working and cut and sew. Everything is neatly stacked, including my ironing board and iron, in our library (next to the dining room), with the sewing machine (freshly cleaned!) at the end of the dining room table that we don't normally use.

Part of me is terrified that we are jinxing ourselves... But, I'm trying to think positively. we are 11w2d into this beautiful journey with this beautiful baby... Statistically, in 11 days, we are "in the clear". Most losses are the first 12 weeks. Come 13w, statistics are on our side... Which don't help a mother who lost her babies later in pregnancy... But waiting 11 days to start... I dont know. I am trying to live and enjoy each moment and I regret not having started on the Christening Gown before Nicholas and Sophia were born (even though they were baptized as Nature intended- in the buff!!! Little Nick was even baptized with rain water!). So, I think this is the right thing to do...

I'll post more pictures as we take them!

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