Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Real" Teachers

This morning, the kids had their "Happy Birthday, Jesus" party at school.  There was a little cake, and today I sent in the gifts for the teachers and aides.  I was also the Christmas Gift Mom, so I collected money from the other parents and bought a gift for each of teachers and aides on behalf of the students.  (It was optional; about half the class participated).  For the aides, I got some chocolate with a gift certificate to a local restaraunt.  For the teacher, I got a giftcard for Starbucks, which I put on a bag of Christmas Blend, because she enjoys coffee.  (I tell you... If we ran into each other in another life, she and I would be buddies...)

As I wrote out the Christmas cards for them, I found myself choking up as I wrote in Miss M's, thanking her for all that she does for the kids.  To say that she is a gifted teacher who goes above and beyond the call of duty is an understatement.  She's amazing.  There's always a smile and a word of encouragement, regardless of how rough the day has been.  There's always the "We'll get through this" and I've never seen her lose her cool.  An ex-teacher friend of mine, when I talked with her about leaving the profession, said, "Real teachers are born to be teachers.  Being in the classroom taught me that I wasnt, and I'm not going to change." If that's true, then Miss M is a "real" teacher.  And how lucky we are for that... I think that this journey with Bobby's special school needs could be soooo much more difficult without an understanding person like her standing at the front of the classroom ship.

And then, she tops it by emailing me this:
"Your card had me tearing up because I really do feel like I'm the lucky one to have your children in my class. Maya's sweet smile is a constant reminder to me of why I love children so much...and Bobby has become one of the biggest reasons I look forward to each and every Tuesday and Thursday. He has such a light inside of him, you just can't help but be happy when he is around you!"

She's a gem.  It's a shame that not every child can start their preschool journey with her.

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trennia said...

I am so happy they have a great teacher! Hope your family has a Very Blessed CHRISTmas.
Also, I hope your feeling better and your ultrasound is a blessing :) glad all is well with baby.