Thursday, December 20, 2012


Sometimes my good intentions of blogging every day (or every other day) are just railroaded by life.  This is true, as well, of my desire and intention to write in this baby's journal.  I really want to, but sometimes.... 

Casa Haytko should be called Casa Haytko Infermo because sickness abounds.  At least part of the sickness has been taken care of thanks to Dr. B.  Apparently my constant puking and inability to hold anything down crossed to the level of "Take Zofran. Every morning."  The weekend was rough, but Tuesday was by far the worst day.  Bobby wasn't feeling well at school (although he was fine when he came home) so I got him home early, but by the middle of the day, I was feeling feverish and really awful... To the point that I called my mother in law and asked her to come over.  She was great and was here in minutes, and I promptly went to bed.  Where I stayed.  I hadn't eaten since Sunday without tossing all my cookies, so I was tired, weak, and now, it seemed, sick with a cold of some sort.  In between throwing up (and I wasnt eating, so that was fun), I was passed out.  Peter tried to get me to eat something but I couldnt and, come midnight, I was up every hour throwing up violently.  It was AWFUL. 

Now, if a client said to me, "Hey, this is how I'm feeling- is this normal?" I would have said "Call your care provider."  But, because it's me, I though, "Oh, this must just be morning sickness and since I'm a wuss, it seems much worse to me."  Peter said call the doc, my MIL said call the doc, but of course, I didnt call.  I was seeing him Wednesday, so I figured I'd just wait.

Well, I guess I should have called.  I would have felt SO much better sooner.  I still have the remnants of a runny nose and cough, but the nausea and vomiting are, very thankfully, gone.  AMEN!

Baby is doing well.  We did an abdomnial ultrasound instead of a TVU, which was nice (for me at least!).  The u/s image isn't as clear as a TVU, but we were able to see developing arm/leg buds and hear a strong beating heart!  The baby, at 8w6d, was measuring 9w1d, and everything looked great.
So, hopefully, I'll be feeling better soon, the kids will be healthy, and my good intentions will turn into actual actions!

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Brigid said...

Ugh, hope you guys are back to normal health soon! That can't be fun for anyone.

So glad the baby is doing well! I just noticed the adorable little image on the sidebar. Too freaking cute!!