Monday, December 3, 2012


Major on my radar... Lots of nausea, every second of every day.  But energy is starting to return, so that's a step in the happy!

All in all, I'm really getting used to the idea of being pregnant.  I'm trying to keep my mind focused on a full term, healthy, and safe delivery.  I can't say that there arent moments where I dont worry about a second trimseter birth and death; the moments come.  But I've been practicing mindfulness and I just accept the moment and move on, replacing it with a positive affirmation.  All that I can do is hope and have faith, so that's what I'm doing.

I ordered some second hand maternity clothes from eBay.  From a size point of view, I can still fit into my clothes (and I plan on being able to for a while) but I've noticed something uncomfortable recently.  My weight isn't an issue, but it seems like my belly pooched out last week.  It's weird!  In my jeans, there is a gap above my butt but the front fits.  Which was fine... until my belly started itching where the button of my jeans hit!  I dont know why this irritates me, but it does!  So, I decided to pop online and just see...  And I found a few pairs of pants in different auctions for $5 or less, and I bid and won a couple.  Two pair arrived today and let me say... Much more comfy.  My belly doesnt itch!  If I'm this OCD about my waistband at six weeks, it does make me wonder how much worse it's going to get, LOL!  In a funny note, the maternity pants dont stay up!  I wore a pair for a bit today and I just dont have the body (yet) to hold them up.  It was kind of funny.

The sizing was weird too.  I had no idea what to buy (and I'm not balsy enough to go into a maternity store yet, or even the maternity section of Target!); my last maternity clothes were XL and XXL in some of them.  I know they say to buy your "regular" size, but as I kept looking, I just couldnt imagine that a "medium" would be right.  But they were.  I definitely wouldnt be a small, and a large would be too big.  But I was still suprised.

One of the other things I bought- I just couldnt help it- was a maternity dress for my Christmas dress.  As I was looking for pants, I saw it and, on impulse, bought it.  It doesn't look overly maternity, which is nice because I'll only be 10 weeks or so, but it was so pretty... Maya is wearing red as well, so I'm kind of excited!

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Cromdubh said...

Hi Michelle!,
fantastic news, I obviously have not been keeping up to date.
Let me know how things are going, the EDD etc.,
Easy on the drama this time!