Thursday, December 27, 2012


Double digits now... Wow.  10 weeks of pregnancy down, about 28 weeks to go and over a quarter of the way there!

The last 10 days or so should be called "the week that FLU by".  A week ago Sunday, Bobby wasnt feeling well.  By Tuesday, he seemed okay so we sent him to school... and then I had to pick him up.  He seemed fine at home and then with his grandparents on Wednesday, so back to school on Thursday... and picking him (and Maya) up early.  By this point, I was sick.  After a weekend of not being able to eat and awful vomiting, I, too, had caught the freaking flu!  And I'm still sick!

Both kids were, thankfully, feeling a ton better by Christmas Eve- not this girl.  Still coughing, still sneezing, still achy.  Still sleeping on the couch. :(  Last night, I slept half the night on the couch, half in bed.  And I still feel bad.  My ears still hurt and are clogged, and my head hurts so much that my teeth are hurting.  This sucks!  To the point that I found myself getting frustrated and angry because Bobby was taking too long to nap.  (I know... This sounds awful and I feel awful now for even thinking it, but I felt so awful and all I wanted to do was put the kids to bed and lay down myself, and he decided he needed mama time.  Trust me, I feel awful now for how I felt at the time, just wishing he'd close his eyes and go to sleep... for 45 minutes.  This is unheard of!  He just needed some extra love but because I still feel like a car ran over me, I just wanted the couch.  Thankfully, I snapped out of it and enjoyed the snuggles and then, it was done and all was well...  And I'm guilty.  But I digress...)

Did I mention I still feel awful???  UGH!

I think I mentioned that Dr. B. prescribed Zofran because I was a pukaholic.  It seems to work for the most part.  I was fine Wed-Sun; I felt nauseous even with it, but no throwing up.  Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday, I wasn't so lucky.  But nothing today, so I'll take it.

A coworker of Peter's was lovely and sent him home with some Indian tea biscuits last week when I wasnt eating anything.  When she was pregnant, she said these were some of the only things she could hold down at times.  They're perfect.  When I feel really nauseous, they help calm my stomach and when I dont feel like I can eat anything, they put something in my stomach.  She was so sweet that she sent him home with three more packages!  I think we'll have to stalk our local Indian market to see if we can get them there.  Othewise, Peter's going to have to go grocery shopping with S to get me more! :)

All in all, we're well.My belly is visible, which is a cute reminder of where we are.  From an anxiety standpoint, still doing well.  Just trying to stay relaxed and hopeful.

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