Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Winding down week 6... Does this mean one week closer to no more nausea and all day "morning" sickness?  Of all the things I've never been blessed with, this is really one that I'm kind of looking forward to disipating.  On the flip side, the brainiac part of me knows that this is a sign of high hormones, etc., and is a positive thing, so as I'm holding my head over the toilet (ughhh.... just the thought is revolting) or laying down and hoping the wave of nausea will pass, I constantly remind myself that this is a good thing.  No, with my first trimester history, it is a GREAT thing.

Another great thing?  Apparently my preliminary "high risk" blood work (for which it took 3 sticks and they took a half dozen big, mammerjammer vials) came back "perfect".  I didn't ask for numbers (I was in the pick-up line waiting for the kids), but in addition to being free of any STDs or infectious diseases (not that I was worried), my TSH, T4, cholesterol, and sugar results were all "outstanding".  Amen for that.  Since Dr. B is biding his time until my 18 week 1-hour sugar test (which if it comes back well, I'm sure he'll repeat at 24, 28, and 32 weeks just to torture me to be sure).  That sugar test, along with my cervical measurements, are going to be the most important diagnostic tools of this pregnancy, I think.  Right now, I'm on the 3 week plan through February (let's not talk about February... I'll cross that rougher-than-I-want-to-dwell-on-right-now bridge once January gets here).  So I'll see him a day shy of 9 weeks, 12 weeks, 15 weeks, and 18 weeks, before I'll take a quick visit to MFM around 20 weeks for the anatomy scan.  At 15 weeks (or possibly 12 weeks), we'll start doing cervical checks via ultrasound and look at adjusting my running schedule if there are only negative changes.  18 brings the nasty delicious glucose drink, then the full scale anatomy scan and, possibly, at change to seeing Dr. B every 2 weeks.  We're not planning anything beyond 20 weeks right now, though.

I'm still hopeful that things are going to progress smoothly and, for the most part, normal.  I'm doing my best to make this the most textbook, holistic pregnancy I can.  I realize I have no choice in the c-section, and I've already dealt with my feelings about that.  I knew that was the trade off for the chance at a normal, healthy, full term pregnancy; I made that choice a year ago, so there's no do over there.  From an emotional standpoint, I've accepted that my body, through no fault of my own (which helps, to be honest) was born defective and incapable of carrying a baby to term without modification and that modification means I can't deliver vaginally.  Okay.  I'm okay with that.  Hey, if it means looking July in the face nice and full term, then I am more than okay with that.

From a health standpoint, I feel good.  Other than the nausea/sickness, I'm feeling almost back to me.  I have a bit more energy (I actually debated watching the football game last night), am not passing out on the couch and falling asleep instantly, and, for the most part, am able to keep up with running 4-5 times a week.  I need to focus a bit more on my personal yoga and meditation.  I'm a bit hormonal and off the handle emotionally at times (which isn't fair to Peter, the kids, or me, for that matter). 

This morning, the idea of breakfast was not appealing.  However, the idea of gelato, namely caramel cookie crunch gelato, was.  So, that was breakfast.  Hey, there was protein in it!  I think that counts for something! :)  I did have my standard soup for lunch, and I think I'll probably eat my "breakfast" of bagel/cream cheese/lox for a snack in an hour or so, since it is starting to sound good to me again.  Usually, I'm the bagel, etc for breakfast (although yesterday I wanted, of all things, Lucky Charms); soup for lunch; a bagel or bowl of cereal for a snack around 3-4pm, or a bowl of plain Greek yogurt, sometimes with a teaspoon of blackberry jam mixed in if I want something sweet; and then dinner is whatever.  Last night was shrimp, pepper, and snowpea peanut stirfry over thin angel hair egg noodles.  Tonight is blue corn tacos and seed "tortilla" nachos (sweet chili seed chips, topped with refried beans, salsa, olives, and cheese, baked.... yummmmmm.....)  Tomorrow will be Jamacian goat curry over rice.  I havent planned the rest of the week yet...  Sometimes (as with Sunday, when I made a pretty awesome pork loin in the slow cooker), by the time dinner rolls around, I cant handle the idea or smell and end up in the bathroom or in bed, willing the sick feeling to pass.  I may skip dinner, in lieu of something more plain, like chicken noodle soup or a bowl of cereal.  Thankfully, our diet is pretty whole, so I'm getting in lots of whole grains, fruits, and veggies.  And, instead of dairy (other than yogurt, I cant tell you the last time I had dairy other than this morning's gelato), I'm in love with unsweetened flax milk. So, food wise, pretty healthy!  Which is a plus.  I'm not gaining weight (but I'm carrying a bit and I'm not increasing calories until the second trimester) but I feel good.  Now, if I could get the fog of "pregnancy brain" to pass... :)

On the note of food, though, this morning, the kids asked for blueberry pie.  Maya wanted blueberries and I said something about how good blueberry pie would be, and Bobby said "I make blueberry pie", which was all the impetus I needed!  While they were in school, I swung by the Whole Foods and picked up a GF pie shell and some frozen blueberries.  And, voila!!! Quick and easy blueberry pie!  It's cooling on the stove.  I promised the kids I wouldnt tear into it have a slice until they woke up, but I also said we'd go to a playground and enjoy this gorgeous day (Hey December?  I think September wants its weather back).  Since I'm going for a run with Sarah at 5, if I dont steal a piece of pie now, I wont get one until after dinner... Which is probably the better thing anyway.

But damn.

That pie looks good!

On that note, I'd better be more constructive with myself before I take a spoon to that piece of warm goodness on my stove!


Anonymous said...

Hey, not to be the pregnancy food police, but isn't lox on the pregnancy naughty list? As in, they recommend you don't eat it? Just mentioning in case you are not aware; if it's a conscious choice, carry on and ignore me!

Fran said...

Delighted all is progressing well! I envy a bit your coolness (I totally lost mine...will post about this shortly), long may it last and I too cheer for your pregnancy to be totally uneventful!

Michele said...

Thanks, Anon. I just checked and it is smoked salmon, fresh caught and without preservatives or sulfates, which is one of the big deals with smoked salmon. But funny enough, today is day 2 that I have had absolutely no desire for it at all!