Thursday, December 6, 2012


"7" weeks down, 31 more to go until July 10th!

I'm sleeping well and waking well rested, so I'm counting that as a milestone!  I may actually be able to start running again in the morning if this go-to-bed-and-actually-sleep-all-night stuff continues.  Woo Hoo!  This is great since I suck at arranging running times in the evening (except when J babysits on Tuesdays).  The nausea is there but...wait for it... I havent thrown up in 2 days!  (I'm counting today thus far, but still...)  Yay!!!!  Yesterday, I was lightheaded and wanted to hurl, but I think it was due to the pine sol I decided to use.  I'm back to vinegar for cleaning from now on... lesson learned.  (Or maybe I just wont clean for the rest of the pregnancy... that could work too...)

I also feel like I can actually hold some food down without chasing it with a ginger ale.  Today, I ate some scones (thank you G!  this baby's godfather makes the BEST scones and always gives me extra to freeze so I am never without!)  This morning, I woke up with the NEED for scones.  I actually thought I'd eaten all I had, but imagine my joy when I found a bag.  (Seriously, I had the phone and was ready to text G's wife, B, to beg for scones...)  A few minutes at 250 in the oven to defrost them and warm them up, a quick slather of some homemade blueberry goodness and lemon curd, and....yummmm....scones....  Oh, sorry.  I'm still here.

Yeah, so scones for breakfast.  Great.  I'm kind of hoping the peanut decides s/he needs scones every morning.  :)

On another note, pregnant women with nausea grocery shopping may not be the best idea... Half the stuff I passed was revolting, the other half was a MUSTHAVENOW (hence 2 containers of meringue cookies...).  Perhaps shopping wasnt the best idea for the morning...

But, all in all, feeling good today.  Feeling more normal (with the exception of the ever present nausea) and able to do things during the day.  Less than 2 weeks until I see Dr. B again (and see the little one again), so that's always a fun news.  And (I dont remember if I posted or not) my bloodwork from my first prenatal came back perfect, so that's another round of awesome.

So, good things.

If fun (if a bit far out) news, Sarah and I are running a 5 mile race on Sophia's birthday.  :)  Sarah ran this race on Sophia's original entry into the world, and always calls it the "Sophie 5 miler".  It seems especially fitting that this year it is on her fifth birthday.  Since I try to do the mileage for the year for each child, I'm pretty excited about this race.  What I'm not excited about?  There are hills.  But hey... It may end up being a run-walk, and that's okay with me.  (Another running mom-to-be posted "miles while pregnant".... Maybe I'll try that.  Could be fun.)

Well, time to pick the kiddos up from preschool!

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