Tuesday, May 10, 2011

20 Months Old

I'm not sure where the time has gone...  Somewhere between "We cant stop your labor" and Maya telling me this morning "All done, Mama" and rolling her sleeves up to wash her hands after breakfast, my babies have spent 20 months outside the womb.  My itty-bitty babies are now only 4 short months from their second birthday. 

They are constantly on the go, climbing and flipping and running.  We now walk the four blocks to the park- as in, they are walking and we are holding their hands next to them- and then the 4 blocks home afte after they've played.  Not to sound strange, but it's like having little kids instead of babies and, for that, I'm both happy and sad.

So, today, as I watch these little ones and treasure the days while they are our only children at home, I also watch with awe as they become more and more "Bobby" and "Maya" and less generic toddlers.  I love them so much.  My heart overflows.


S said...

goodness they are getting so big!! As our homeschool year draws to a close I will have more time to get together. Hope we can spend time together this summer! <3

Terri Jones said...

It is a strange moment when you look at your baby and see a child. I've had that moment with both of mine. Sad & exciting all in one feeling.

Ms. J said...

Don't want to upset you, BUT...having closely examined those photos just now...yep, you have two little kids. Their faces don't scream "baby" anymore. Sniffle.

Sometimes I miss Peanut being a baby...but then I think about how parenting is more enjoyable as Lil Pumpkin has gotten older and I actually get excited at the thought of both of them being at that stage and sharing experiences together.

Mother Knows Best Reviews said...

They are such beautiful... toddlers!