Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Not Much To Say...

Today was Alexander's EDD... Funny, I dont think about EDDs too often because I've never put much stock in them, but as I was writing the date on B&Ms coloring pages, it struck me that today was something and then I realized...  His EDD...  He might have been turning 2 around this day, instead of his birthday last November...  He might have been here now if this was his birthday time of year...  Strange...

My mind is in a thousand places at once.  I want to blog on these ramblings- and I will at some point- but not today.  But one day...

The last two days, the bambinos have wanted to eat lunch (normally 11am) at 10:15am, and get to nap (normally 11:30am) by 10:45am.  Nuts!  But they've been wanting breakfast when they get up (7:30ish) instead of our normal 8:30ish, so I'm sure they are hungry, since I move snack up to 9am when they eat that early, instead of 10am.  The kicker is that they are still napping well into the 1 o'clock hour, and sometimes close to 2pm!  So, no complaints.  Perhaps it is growth spurt time again!

We decided to hire lawn care for the season and to re-evaluate next year.  As I type, two young men are clearing up the leaves and limbs from the fall and winter, and will be mowing the yard soon.  It will be so nice to no longer have grass sprouting seeds! :)  We're also having a fence installed at some point.  I'm waiting on the contractor to let me know how we need to proceed, as far as permits, etc.  But, soon, we'll be able to have the kids out in the yard during the day!  Yay!  I cant wait!  They love being outside, but I cant handle both of them at the park alone.  God forbid, one runs this way and the other that way or, worse, someone tried to grab one of them.  I cant even fathom it.  I'll stick to running or walking with them, and leave the park when I have another set of hands.  But I think we're going to bite the bullet and get some sort of swing set for the yard.  I want them to be able to have fun outside!

I'm 21 pounds away from my goal.  This morning, I weighed 171 pounds.  I cant believe it.  7 months: I started October 4th (like, really started) with keeping an eye on what I was eating and making better choices, in addition to working out.  Tomorrow makes it 7 full months and (if I'm 170), 70 pounds.  Wow.  I'm sure that will bring its own blog post, LOL!  Gives me incentive to not eat the entire block of DELICIOUS cheesecake that is in my fridge!

A lot of odds and ends today... I have so much to say but sometimes my mind works faster than my fingers and I just cant figure things out!  Rest assured that, although things are busy and crazy around here, life is sweet and good at the Haytko house. :)

I hope it is sweet and good at your house too!!


Ms. J said...

Thinking of you and your sweet Alexander. EDD are hard enough for babies not in our arms...and there is their own set of emotions when the date sneaks up on us, too.

Much love.

P.S. Might you consider a blog post about foods for toddlers? We are having such a tough time remembering to put variety into Peanut's diet, and we get "stuck" on the same foods, I fear. I don't believe in buying separate toddler-foods or preparing separate meals, either. When she has a cold she doesn't want to eat much at all, which further complicates matters, and we keep trying to reinforce the habit and offer anyway but it's soooo frustrating. Grrrr.

trennia said...

Beautiful posting !

Terri Jones said...

I was just thinking about Alex. Funny that it's his EDD. Two years already? How time flies.
Congrats on getting near your goal weight. And your running is putting me to shame. I ran a couple miles Sunday. Slept through my alarm this morning. So,I have a goal of running tonight...

Queenie. . . said...

That's so amazing on the weight loss. Good for you!

We hired lawn care a couple of years ago. It was such a good decision--our lawn looked great, and we got all of that time back (we have a big property).