Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Difference of a Year

I was wondering what to write today... I wanted to write, but other than to tell you that I went and had my physical, that I'm making southern fried corn, that I made a delicious banana pudding, and that my dad is having a riot playing with the kids (who are, in turn, having a blast), it's quiet on the homefront. 

So, I looked through last year, and wow... Talk about the difference of a year.  This was May 10, 2010... And this was May 11th of the same year.  They were still so freaking little!  It's hard to imagine that...

Peter and I had our pre-adoption physicals today.  As the PA was filling out the physical form, she'd read the slot and then say outloud what she was writing.  One of the questions: weight issues.  And she says/wrote: "Normal weight".  Then, as she's writing the synopsis, the words "average, healthy woman in her early 30s, presents in great health and is able to parent and raise children without issue."  Can I tell you how surreal those words all are?  I'm still not sure I grasp them.

I'm also in the mood to cook today (arent I always), so I bought some fresh corn and fried it (aka "creamed" it).  350c a serving- it's not good for you.  But man, does it taste great.  And I made a delicious banana pudding, complete with English style custard and freshly whipped cream.  And, on the grill in a few minutes? A fresh bass, stuffed with lemons and herbs from my garden.  It's going to be a delicious meal.  Especially when I surprise my dad (who is visiting today) with southern cornbread (his ultimate favorite).

I'm watching them, my dad and his 2 oldest living grandkids.  They are flipping and turning and laughing and playing.  It's amazing to see and hear all 3 of them laughing.  Of course, poor Pawpaw is completely out of breath now.  They are running him ragged!

2 more days until the home study... I'm nervous... Excited, but nervous!  We've taken 4 of our 6 adoption education classes.  2 more to go... It's all going so quickly, and yet... So slowly too!  Funny how that works out...


Hillary said...

How great to get such a "normal" report! Isn't that what we all strive for with our health and weight loss goals. You are leading such a good example not only for your sweet kiddos but us out here too who read you!

Lots of love and thanks for the many words of comforting support today. They mean more than you will know!!


Joanna said...

Wow, I never thought that my back probs and fibro could make me ineligible for adoption! Isn't it great to be called 'normal"?