Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lucky Number Seven (LOMIM)

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Seven months ago, on October 4, I started to seriously contemplate my weight and the impact it was having on my health, my family, and my life.  I weighed a whopping 240 pounds (11 pounds shy of my top weight of 251, which was what I weighed when the twins were delivered the September 13 months prior).  I was at a place where I knew that I had to do something.  It was more than vanity or embarrassment (although those did play into it);  I was killing myself.  Obesity has so many health issues associated with it, and I already had the achy joints, hypertension, and high cholesterol; the PCOS combined with my weight had me on a freight train headed towards Diabetes Station.  I can't do much about the Hashimoto's and the DJD... They are what they are... But the other things... in my control (at least to a degree).  Add to that the knowledge that Bobby and Maya were watching me to learn their food habits and I had hit a low.

And a high.

Because nothing in the last few years has changed me the way that I changed a little over half a year ago.  I dont know if it was the motivation to be a better role model for my children or if it was the realization that the power to change was mine alone or if I finally saw the impact that this all had on my health.  I dont know.  Maybe it was a combination of all those things and then some.

But this morning, when I stepped on the scale for the 7 month, I saw numbers I hadnt seen in several years: 170.  It's a special number to me.  It not only is a loss total of 70 pounds (so far!) or the number that signifies I only have 20 pounds until I hit my goal.  It's one of the last weights I remember of my early marriage.  At my wedding, I was 160 pounds, up 5 pounds since college (which was up 5 pounds from my high school graduation).  When I encountered pregnancy that first time, I was (you guessed it) 170 pounds.  I havent been this weight since late-2000.  Even writing that, a tingle runs through my body.  (And, funny enough, I thought I was way heavy then!!!)

It's still strange to me that random folks comment on my weight.  At church or in social gatherings, or commenting to pictures on FB.  I dont see it when I look in the mirror, but I'm starting to see it- clearly- in photos.  There is a change.  And it isnt just the weight.  It's me.  
September 2010: 240 lbs
December 2010: 210 lbs
late-March 2011: 180 lbs

Me now!  170 lbs


Muriel said...

You are an inspiration! I to am at my heaviest and as of today am making changes to be healthier! I will be healthier so I can live longer and enjoy my sons!!

Ms. J said...

Tell us how the loss of weight makes you feel, too?! As I lost weight I felt more energy, less aches and pains ('cept from lifting wts, LOL), and so on. I know that have two little active people at home doesn't exactly give you time to notice all the changes, but I am sure you would not have the energy you do right now if you were still lugging around the extra pounds.


Queenie. . . said...

Um, you are STARTING to see it in photos?! You are gorgeous (and always have been), but looks so incredibly fit and happy now. You look amazing.

Jenni said...

Good for you Michele. I know how hard it is to stick to it, especially with bad habits to fight. But you look great and I bet you feel great too--I know a lot of energy and general well-being come with health.
My husband has started off weight loss plans several times in the last few years, but always peters out when he hits the plateau 10 or 15 lbs in...and then he bubbles right back up to where he was. He's put on 50lbs since we got married, and had 20 spare even then. I have tried to adapt my cooking but truthfully it's not what we eat, it's how much he eats. I wish I knew how to help him feel to motivation to stick with it.

Kakunaa said...

So visible! I can't wait to start getting myself back on track! You look absolutely fantastic, sweetie!

Canaan C. said...

I just found you blog, and want to tell you how comforting it is. My mother miscarried many times, I myself miscarried my sons twin, even though he survived (he's 17) and a friend of mine recently had her second miscarriage.
You have put a beautiful face of hope, and are addressing the fact that in America we try to act like we shouldn't grieve the same for a miscarried child. Thank you. I am adding you to my "fav's " list on my blog. Peace and Joy and Health to your family.

Devon said...

you look amazing!!!

be SO proud of you -- you have worked hard!

Kate said...


What an amazing transformation you have undergone! You should be very proud of all the hard work you have put in. I am just now going to embark on my own weight loss journey. I have tried many times before, but hope that this is it... that this is THE time! I just started a blog ( if you want to come follow me as I try to follow your path! I am starting out at pretty much exactly the same weight as you and would love any tips or advice that you might have for what did/didn't work for you.


Anonymous said...

Michele, you are doing so awesome! I so need to start doing this as well!!