Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Revisited

To try and tell Peter just how much he means to me, I broke from our normal "family dinner" tonight.  I still fed the kids at 5:30, and then, when he got home, we did their bedtime ritual of bath, massage, PJ, milk, snuggles, and bed, but then I banished him to a video game and got to work in the kitchen!

A half hour later, I served him a delicious, Valentine's Day dinner: New York strip with mushrooms and onions, mashed jewel yams with almond milk and cardamom, sauteed kale with pimento and garlic, sprouted wheat bread with (Icelandic!) butter, and a lovely petitie syrah, which also complimented the dessert of chocolate chewies (cookies) with fresh strawberries and brown sugar whipped cream.  So what if the meal (with dessert) weighed in at 1240 calories!  It was a nice evening, well spent, by candlelight, with the man that I would marry over and over again.

I love you, Peter.  Thank you for loving me. :) <3


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I know you are blessed to have Peter in you life but I also hope he knows how blessed he is to have you. What an awesome dinner you made for him. That is love!

Barb said...

Wow awesome! I haven't done anything like that in so long. I miss cooking!

Kakunaa said...

OMG, I miss cooking - you made me soooo hungry! Well, except for the steak, LOL. What a fabulous evening :)