Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sleep Training: Week 2

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Thursday: Bobby 1h25m, Maya 2h5m
Friday: Bobby-45m, Maya-1 hour
Saturday: Bobby-1h50m, Maya-1h45m
Sunday: Bobby- 2h15m, Maya-2h
Monday: Bobby-20m, Maya-10m
Tuesday: Bobby-1h50m, Maya-1h55m
Wednesday: Bobby and Maya-20m

Thursday: Bobby- 10h5m asleep, 45m awake, 4 wakings, total sleep for the day 11.5 hours
Thursday: Maya- 11h15m asleep, 30m awake , 2 wakings, total sleep for the day 13h20m

Friday: Bobby- 10h55m asleep, 35m awake, 2 wakings, total sleep for the day 11h40m
Friday: Maya- 11h asleep, 45 awake minutes, 2 waking, total sleep for the day 12h

Saturday: Bobby- 10h30m asleep, 1h awake, 2 wakings, total sleep for the day 12h20m 
Saturday: Maya- 11h asleep, 45m awake, 1 waking, total sleep for the day 12h45m

Sunday: Bobby- 10h30m asleep, 1h30m awake, 2 wakings, total sleep for the day 12h45m
Sunday: Maya- 10h30m asleep, 30m awake, 1 waking, total sleep for the day 12h30m

Monday: Bobby- 10h35m asleep, 30m awake, 2 wakings, total sleep for the day 10h55m 
Monday: Maya- 10h15m asleep, 1h15m awake, 1 waking, total sleep for the day 10h25m

Tuesday: Bobby-10h45m asleep, 21m awake, 2 wakings, total sleep for the day 12h35m
Tuesday: Maya- 11h15m asleep, 10m awake, 1 waking, total sleep for the day 13h10m

Wednesday: Bobby- 10h20m asleep, 25m awake, 3 wakings, total sleep for the day 10h40m
Wednesday: Maya-10h50m asleep, 1h10m awake, 2 wakings, total sleep for the day 11h10m

Better?  Worse?  It feels like it is getting better (although yesterday was NOT a good day as far as napping was concerned, and sleeping reflected that).   We bought Bobby a white noise machine which really helped with naptime today, so I'm hoping that shows a positive influence on his sleeping.  We've also been putting Maya down when she is still awake just really tired and she self soothes to sleep.  That hasnt happened with Bobby yet, but we are working on it!


quadmom said...

I'd love to hear when you were able to drop the later night feeding (ie. dreamfeed if you were doing it like that). We have got the kids down to 3.5 ounces at 10pm but aren't sure if we ought to drop the feed yet. Do you remember when yours could make it from bedtime (7ish) to morning?

Also, isn't is SO nice when they can be put down awake and go right to sleep? There are no words for how wonderful this is in our house!

quadmom said...

Oh wait, I just caught up on the week1 post, never mind about the dreamfeed question. I am thinking we will probably hold off another month or two before trying but I just am not sure yet!

Emerging Butterfly said...

It feels really good when that kind of dissolution gets resolved. For most of my first child's life, his father was absent. We were too young...he was too scared. Years later, after my son sustained a head injury, his father reached out upon hearing through the grapevine that it had happened.

Many tearful talks later...we are something like friends. We used to love each other when we were too young to be allowed. And now, though my son wants very little to do with a father who never was there when he was younger, I can say that he's not a bad guy...and that I understand.

It feels good to not have the old memories haunting me with "what would have beens." Because now, I look at this nice guy, and can only be glad it didn't work...not because I don't like him, or think he is funny and still handsome. But because he isn't my husband. He isn't the man who loves me like I love him. He isn't my best friend, partner, lover and companion. And....he never could have been. Not really. We were too young. Too different. We didn't know it at the time...but it's clear now. He likes cruising through the snow behind the pulsing engine of a snowmobile...I like cross country skiing silently coming across wildlife and wondering about the magic. He votes one way...and i can't, for the life of me, understand it. So many many differences...and when i look at the man I married at 19...I see a perfect match. Had I married my highschool sweetie...not so much.

I hope you are able to mend it as friends.

Barb said...

Great! Our white noise machine works fabulously. I've found that we have to look at a trend over about a month before we can see the improvement. Firm routines for bedtime starting around 2 hrs before help us a LOT too. And no tv or mind stimulating stuff then since he is so prone to overstimulation. And I hear ya on the overtired problems. ugh.