Monday, February 7, 2011

The Potty (HHB)

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When I said I was getting potties for the monkeys, these weren't the ones I had in mind...

I mentioned a bit ago that the kids were showing different signs of potty prep.  While we are nowhere close to the official potty training, we decided to start looking for chairs so that we could introduce the kids.  (They love the "big kid" potty, but, for obvious reasons, we arent going to start training them on an adult toilet!).

After quite a bit of research, we settled on the Prince Lionheart Potty Pod.  It was one of the few potties that people loved, regardless of whether they had a son or daughter.  I half thought of getting two different (or at least two different colors) but, let's be honest.  They'd want the other's potty.  It's always the way it is.  Maya wants his toys and Bobby wants hers.  The last thing I wanted was to get a boy friendly potty only to have Maya confiscate it (and me have to end up cleaning up pee because the potty Bobby used didnt have a special "boy" shield).

The Potty Pod has a "deflector shield" which I like to think of as a penis protector.  Apparently, it helps to deflect the pee into the removable potty so that, when a little boy is learning to pee, his penis doesnt go everywhere (thus sending pee everywhere).  This deflector, however, is removable so, if Maya needs hers removed, it's a simple matter to take care of.  Thankfully, however, save the potty part itself, it's difficult for them to try and remove the pieces.

That potty though... It goes everywhere.  On someone's head.  In someone's bedroom.  Usually anywhere except in the Pod.  But, we are working on it.  Right now, it's the month of "hey, look, it's a potty".  Around their 18 month birthday, we'll reevaluate their potty signs and go from there.  But, for now, at least the (other) monkeys like the potties!

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