Friday, January 22, 2010

Update on Nadya

Update on Nadya from Glenda:

Nadya is doing well. Her brady spells (dropping oxygen & heart rate) has lessened and she is pulling herself out of them for the most part instead of the nurses having to pat her bottom to remind her to breathe. The doctors did decide to give her more blood on Tuesday to help her out, although her hemoglobin was holding steady. It was a little low, but wasn't moving up, and she was fluctuating in her weight. She seemed to be much more alert and active Wednesday, which made momma happy. It is so hard leaving her there, but I know it is what's best for her.

I met with a pediatrician at an office that was recommended for the child(ren) from Ukraine and by the maternal-fetal doctor who discharged me. The hours are good and they are getting ready to extend them, they do there own after hours calls, and a couple of them have worked at Vanderbilt Childrens or Kosair Childrens.

I have returned to work on part-time desk duty, in order to make some money to pay the bills (4 weeks off was not good!) and so I can take some time off when she is ready to come home. I go in as usual (7:30-8) and go se her in the early afternoon, then return until close (4-5). Some days we don't make it up in the evenings which is difficult, but I know we must also take care of ourselves.

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