Monday, January 4, 2010

Article on Feeding Solids

Thank you to one of the many Anonymous posters who linked to an article by NIH on introducing foods to infants. It concluded that "Early introduction of solid food to infants is less harmful than was previously reported. Longer follow up is needed, but, meanwhile, a more relaxed approach to early feeding with solids should be considered."


Anonymous said...

its always great to have good information passed on.

MFA Mama said...

Pffft, mama knows best :) I lived and died by the studies when my babies were little and got into many a "discussion" with little old ladies about putting rice in bottles but you know what? When my youngest was in the hospital for extreme reflux/dehydration and protein allergies as a tiny infant (7 weeks after being born at 38 weeks) his GI doc had us start thickening his feeds with Beechnut rice cereal (it's soy-free; Gerber is NOT) and said that it's really not harmful at all, especially if a baby has reflux or needs extra calories for some reason. If they're displaying signs of wanting to eat when you do then I don't see anything wrong with following their cues!

Sophie said...

One of the things I took from my experience in the hospital with Jordan is that the health profession doesn't know nearly as much shit as they think they do.

Sorry I'm not commenting much. I am reading.


Anonymous said...

You are a great mum following your instincts xxxx

Katie said...

We also started Will on solids a bit earlier than "recommended." He loved it and is just fine. Our pediatrician was on board and said that each child is different and ready for different things and different times. The guidelines are just that, and meant to be flexible and adjusted per kiddo.

It's tough being a parent, making decision and then being judged for them. I always just try to do my best for my child, and know that is all I can do. He is happy and thriving (as yours clearly are, too) and that is what matters.

Fran said...

Hello my dear, happy New Year to you too! I'd love the fertility Buddha!! send me a picture by email anyway, I'm sure I can get some nice vibes just looking at it!
Much love, Fran