Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Partial Results

This morning at 8:30, the phone rang and the caller ID showed the hospital lab. "This is X, calling on behalf of you doctor with good news about your first sequential screen results." And I let out the breath that I didn't know I was holding, Or risk of Downs Syndrome is 1 in 7200 (average us 1 in 800, with the cutoff for normal at 1 in 250). Great news. The bad news: they can only get risks for Trisomy 18 with singletons. So, no risk there. She said we could always have an amnio to find out, but neither of us are willing to risk a miscarriage to know. It's not a factor for us.

We havent gotten the u/s review results from the perinatologist yet and we are due back in a few weeks for the second part of the testing, which gives the results for spina bifida.

Yesterday, Peter's aunt came for a very nice visit and brought lunch. It was very pleasant and the tea sandwiches, quiche, and scones she brought were awesome! Then, some friends from church brought dinner. Very yummy! This is on top of church friends bringing homemade french bread on Monday night and a visit last week by friends with homemade banana bread! We are really blessed and so appreciative.

Tomorrow we see Dr. Bailey. I cant wait to see the babies again and to find out how the stitch has healed and is holding up. We will also find out how often we will see Dr. B. from now on. every 2w? 3w? 4w? I feel like the farther out he wants to see us, I should feel relieved but I think I'll feel like a nutcase and worry each day in-between appointments!

Friday is my dad's birthday. He's going to spend the afternoon and we'll have dinner together. Then, my birthday is Sunday. Last year, I just wanted to be left alone. Honestly, as it gets closer, I still feel that way. I dont know what we'll do. We shall see... Right now, I just want to focus on tomorrow's appointment and imagine seeing the babies again!


Unknown said...

so glad to hear you are receiving positive news! congrats!

Never forgetting Gregory said...

That is great news about the downs risk! I support your decision to pass on the amnio 100%. I have appointments every 2 weeks. When I leave the office I always think about how that seems like a lot and it isn't necessary, but by the time the next one rolls around, I'm itching and anxious to get in there.

Anne said...

I had an amnio and for some reason the dr couldn't get any fluid so I would have to repeat it. I know there is a risk with amnio so decided not to try again. I knew even if the results were bad I would keep the baby. Baby was fine. Praying for you for this pregnancy. Those babies are worth every day you are laid up.

Mommy (You can call me OM) said...

I'm so happy for you that all is going well and you keep getting good news.

My two-year-old saw the baby widget and said, "Babies in a bubble! What those babies doing in that bubble?" I told her they were just getting bigger and she noted that she got bigger in the bubble. Also, "Those babies swimming in there." Yes, they are. :)

I'm glad to hear you're resting well.

Peace. And Happy Birthday.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you have so much support around you. You share a birthday with my father in law and I'm picking him up some vouchers from a hardware store, but I'm thinking I might get you something a bit different! Lots of love to you xxxx

Paula said...

Glad to hear the positive news. I turned down the amnio for trisomy 18 when the dr found a choroid plexus cyst on Jason's u/s (cyst could be a marker for t18).

djordan said...

I hope your appointment goes great tomorrow!

A n T said...

Glad to hear the results where good.

My birthday is Sunday too. Small world huh!