Thursday, June 18, 2009


We just got home from our 2:30pm appointment with Dr. Bailey (yes, it is almost 6:30). We left at 1:30 and got there on time, but weren't seen until almost 3:45. It was jam packed busy. I've rarely had to sit directly next to someone, but the office was completely full. And, because we need the u/s room, it usually delays our appointments. We are used to an hour wait. I brought Ina May's Guide to Childbirth with me and read on that. The time passed quickly, except that I really REALLY needed to pee.

The appointment went really well. Dr. B. asked how I was feeling and I was honest with him about tomorrow and the next 2 weeks. I asked, point blank, about the cerclage failing and he really addressed my concerns in a way that made me feel more positive. He said that the risks in the immediate of placing a cerclage is amniotic sac rupture and that we are far beyond that, so no worries on that end. As to it failing later in pregnancy, he said that he really felt it will only start to feel strain once the weight of the babies begins to really press on it, between the 5-6 pound range and that, at that point, he will want even more severe bedrest, just to make sure. But that we have time. I asked him, "Are you sure that I'm not going to go into labor within the next few weeks?" He answered that, although he is not a fortune teller, he does not think that I will go into labor. That the stitch will hold and that he truly believes things are not going to end prior to 26 weeks, at the point that he would like us to be even more severe in keeping in bed, etc, to try and just keep the babies in for 10 more weeks. But he was very positive. And really tried to reassure us that things are GOING to be okay this time.

He did the abdominal ultrasound first and, as always, they are so beautiful. Robert has big feet, just like his daddy, and you can so his very well defined toes. Very cute. He was kicking his sister (who, not to be outdone, was kicking back). He rolled around a lot and kept putting his butt up in the air, which got us a nice shot of his boy parts. Maya wasn't flopping around as much but was very active and you could see her hands and delicate little fingers. She had no issue propping her legs open for the world to see her whoohaa and, after the show, Dr. B. said that he was sure we were having one of each. No doubts. We listened to their heartbeats, which are just music to our ears. Very, very nice.

He did a vaginal ultrasound to confirm my cervical measurement and, thankfully, found no change from our last appointment 2 weeks ago. It was still over 4 and the stitching is still holding. I felt uncomfortable after the exam (but who wouldnt when you arent used to any "activity" to suddenly have something probing your nether regions). But the exams both went well and the babies were doing great. We discussed my P17 shots (which begin on Saturday) and my 20w anatomy scan, along with the next round of sequential screen tests that I'll go for in 2w prior to his next appointment so that I dont have to go to the hospital next week and the following.

Overall, it was a good appointment, even though I still am having fear. My BP was up to 138/84 (which for me isnt high but I was really hoping to keep it in the good range of our last appt) but otherwise nothing bad.

Peter will scan in the pictures from today tomorrow or this weekend, but here are the pictures from our June 4th appointment that I have been lax in posting (mostly because he was lax in scanning!) They looked just as gorgeous today, but a tad bigger.

Robert @ 13w5d (6/4/09)

Maya @ 13w5d (6/4/09)


Brooke said...

I am so happy to hear of another good appt. I check daily just to see what you've got posted. I know that everyone says it but, I do truly pray for you and your family each and every day. Your babies are beautiful!

Anne said...

Things sound like they are going really good. I am praying for you and the babies to make all those weeks!

Donna said...

Wonderful news! I'm so glad that your Dr. has sucha positive outlook for you. I will be thinking of you the rest of this week. Take it easy and be good to yourself.

k@lakly said...


Mommy (You can call me OM) said...

Such good news. I'm so thankful you are doing well and that you have a supportive doctor and husband. Just keep resting, Michele. :)

I'll continue praying for you, the babies, and Peter.

Peace, my friend.

Amanda said...

I don't know if my commenting here has led you to poke around my blog at all, and if my cerclage failure might have been what prompted you to talk to your doctor about it, but I'd like to weigh in on your post. (Aren't I presumptuous? Haha!)

I have had two cerclage failures -- one with my daughter, and another with my son Zachary.

The failure with my daughter's cerclage was caught as it was happening and that severe bedrest you mentioned absolutely preserved her pregnancy. My daughter's cerclage was a rescue placement, and the change that had already occurred in my cervix was likely to blame for the later technical failure. And though it was considered a "failure," the stitch stayed in place until delivery day. With my son Zachary, my cervix dilated against the stitch and tore through.

With Zachary, I had the early prophylactic cerclage (like you) placed with my son at 14 weeks, and was told it would work. And I honestly think it would have if I had not developed the worst, deepest, most intense cough of my life. Before that, my cervix consistently measured long and stayed closed. That cough lasted for two solid weeks and caused so much abdominal pressure, and it was nearly constant. I was miserable and no one could make it stop (I think my big kids brought home Fifth's Disease or something from school).

In Zachary's pregnancy, I think I would have been fine and I think (even with my naturally non-pregnant short cervical measurement) I would have carried for much, much longer were it not for that cough. When I mentioned that to a friend of mine post-loss, she (who has borne four children without any complications at all) said she developed a cough during a pregnancy and her OB told her it could cause a loss if not resolved. I cannot imagine, then, that there wasn't a connection between that and my sudden cervical failure.

Maybe this is confusing and not at all as reassuring as I hope it will be to you, but the point I'm trying to make is that cerclages are PROVEN to be effective in preserving pregnancies that otherwise would not make it. Many people rely on them during pregnancy after pregnancy, and people even carry higher order multiples on cerclages without issue.

I believe if you're as conscious as you can be, not hesitating to report any symptoms, and your doctor remains as caring and conservative as he seems to be thus far, you're going to be and do just fine. You'll probably carry these little ones another 20-plus weeks without a problem.

I hope that helps and hasn't totally freaked you out. :)

Lynda said...

Congrats my friend. Crossing my fingers toes and eyes for you :) *big hugs*

Living With Loss said...

So pleased that things are going well! That's great news. And I'm really pleased your Dr was able to make you feel more positive.

Inanna said...

Beautiful!! Crossing everything for you! :x