Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy 16m birthday, Sophia

Your daddy and I were discussing the special two weeks we had with you, after your brother was born. The way you swooshed in my belly. They way you curled up under our hands when we rested them on my abdomen. So wonderful. So full of hope... Of faith. Our little wisdom... Our princess... It's been 16 months since you were born. 16 months since those back breaking contractions that I smile to think back on. 16 months since your labor hit so hard that it took my breath away. I'd do it all again, every day, to have you in my arms again.

Happy Birthday, my sweet girl. I love you so much, Sophia.


Anonymous said...

You and your family are in my prayers. God bless and peace be with you :)

Reba said...

"I'd do it all again, every day, to have you in my arms again."

so true...i feel exactly the same way.

big (((hugs))) michele

k@lakly said...

thinking of you and Sophia.

Kate said...

Sweet Michele,
Holding you and your family in my heart today--I am always so touched with the love that you express for your children, and the way that you honor them in every moment.
I always forget that loss comes from having, and we never lose that part--


Busted Tube said...

How brave and strong you've had to be and how well you've loved your children through it all. My thoughts are with you and Sophia.