Thursday, March 12, 2009


Today's ultrasound showed three large follicles, all on my left ovary. 17mm, 18mm, and 20mm in size. There were 2 above average on the right follicle (12.5mm and 14mm) and then a half dozen 10mm ones on the left side. Dr. Lee seemed pretty confident that even if the 14mm one ovulates, there is so tiny of a chance that a mature egg would be released that fertilization is very unlikely. The other three, on the other hand, are good size follicles and should contain a mature egg. The eggs that fertilized and became our twins were less than 20mm...

I just received the call that my LH didn't spike. It was elevated to 7.5 yesterday and Dr. Lee thought that I might surge today. But no: 8. It went nowhere. So, in 90 minutes, I'll inject the Ovidrel pen. We are back to her office bright and early Saturday morning.

This means I wont be able to lead the Rosary on Saturday. We wont even be able to make Mass, since we have to be up there at 9am, and Mass is at 8:30am. :( Sadness. I missed this morning because I woke up with my stomach feeling like something I ate didnt agree with me. I hate missing daily Mass. It has such an impact on my day. Sadness... I've asked a friend to lead the Rosary and hopefully she can. If not, I'll ask someone else. I really dont want to cancel it. Of the nearly 30 who attend Saturday morning, last week we ended up with a dozen staying to pray! Always a nice thing! Fingers crossed that PC will be able to help me out!

So, that's where I am today. This weekend is "IT". We are nervous. I am nostalgic, as I remember how similar to Nick and Sophie this cycle is.

I have a meeting for work tonight. Not excited. I just want to be in my husband's arms.

Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

Much luck Michele!

Mommy (You can call me OM) said...

Thank you so much for your support on my blog. I'm not really that nervous about it all, but as is the case with most things, the anticipation is a drag.

Thank you for your tutorial via email. :) I'm thankful for your education. I don't think I understand my own body as well as I should. Is a follicle where an egg grows? And, how large is one typically? You just might need to do a post about basic reproductive and menstrual cycles for my benefit. :)

Again, I get the basic message: This w/e could be days for baby making. Yay! I'll be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you lots of luck! I'm very excited for you guys!!

Anonymous said...

I am seeing Sunday as a great sign. It's the Lord's day after all......and what a day for creation to take place! The Rosary will be wonderfully led I am sure, but you will be right where you need to be that day. And that's pretty exciting too.
Lots of love to you darling girl xxxxx

A n T said...

Good Luck!