Sunday, March 15, 2009


Today, we are 1 day post ovulation (dpo). Based on the hardcore ovulation pains (and who wouldn't hurt if they were ovulating 3 mature (and up to 3 immature) follicles!) and the lovely +OPK (positive ovulation predictor kit) AND the spike in temperature... Yesterday was the big day. We drove up and saw Dr. Lee in the morning and then were home in the afternoon. I have to see her tomorrow for a follow-up ultrasound to make sure that the mature follicles all ruptured, and then I am back on Friday for the first progesterone test (which will estimate how many mature eggs were released). The pregnancy test will be a week from Friday. And so, the 2ww (2 week wait) begins... THANK YOU for your support and prayers. They mean so much.

My temperature was through the roof day. 97.2. Which, for me, is high. My averages are in the low 96s, even the 95s at time.

My house is a wreck. I have to clean. We served at church last night, so we decided to not go today (even though the choir was singing). Sometimes, we just need a break and the services where we are wanted but not necessarily needed, can be missed.

Yesterday, I was absolutely terrified. As we sat in a diner for breakfast, all I could think about was "I can't lose another child... I just can't." Peter is much more positive. But, for me, all of my positive thoughts are twinged with the fear that speaking out loud makes too horrible to comprehend. Will a stitch work? Will bed rest work? Will anything?

I pray a lot. I'm starting the novena to St. Gerard today. And praying the pregnancy rosary. (For Christmas, my dad got his hands on a rosary that was blessed by Pope Pius in the 60s (I think it was the 60s, maybe the 70s???) for a woman who had lost several children and couldn't conceive again. She conceived and prayed the rosary every day of her subsequent pregnancies, and now has 3 children, all fine, etc. A friend of his friend, she gave him the rosary to pass on.) I joke with Peter that all the superstition is going to go a step further if our pregnancies with St. Gerard and this rosary in tow, are healthy and full term. Of course, if it would work, I'd walk barefoot up a Tibetan mountain.

So, that is where we are today. Day 2 of the journey (hopefully). 1 dpo. The first step of yet another thousand miles...


Mommy (You can call me OM) said...

Thank you! I really appreciate the tutorial in parentheses. It all makes sense now. :)
I cannot even imagine the fear you must have as you look forward to another baby. I will be here with you, praying.
Peace. We're on our way to mass.

nikki wood said...

I don't understand all the fertility lingo, but I understood this post lol. I am praying for you, and I can't wait to see where this takes you to.

Anonymous said...

Michele,I check in every few days to see how things are going for you.When we were going thru fertility treatments,I had one of the nurses say to me"alot of people give up after a year or so,your persisent".We never gave up hope and with each surgery,test,injection,I would say a prayer before hand and ask god if this is meant to be give me a sign.With each positive step we kept going,just as you are.I'm hoping my comments will give you hope to keep going and never give up on your dream.Yesterday our little miracle earned his balck belt.I cried my eyes out when his instructor tried that belt around his waist.Everything I did to bring him into the world makes him even more special to me and the rest of our family.Just be strong and have faith and God will come thru for you.

Anonymous said...

good luck michele. i know it is scary, but whatever it takes is what we will do.