Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Woke up to a headache and nausea today. This is the first "real" nausea and by "real", I mean the kind that lasts all day and has me wanting to curl up under a blanket in my PJs.

I've been so tired the last few weeks and then, last night, I fell asleep on the couch after dinner (around 7:30) and slept until 11pm. Got up and went to bed. Could not fall asleep! I laid awake until the alarm went off at 1:30am for Adoration (2am). We got up, went, I was wide awake, came home, ate 3/4 of a luna bar (I was starving!!!), and then fell mostly asleep. We didn't reset the alaram at at 7:45 I woke up to a headache and the urge to, you guessed it, take the not-so-long walk to the bathroom. Peter cuddled with me and brought me some sparkling water for my tummy. He took care of calling my boss and telling her I'd be late, and letting my staff person know I wouldn't be in until the afternoon. But, once my headache subsided (and the nausea didnt) I had this urge to clean. My kitchen (save the dirty floor) is now scrubbed. I will vacuum and mop later, but the counters are all super clean. Even the inside of the microwave is clean. I had to keep sitting down because I felt sick, but my energy today is through the roof. It's insane.

Of course, I get to work and staff are at each other's throats and are having meltdowns because they have a training today that they "didn't know about". In spite of the fact that I sent out an email 6 weeks ago when it was scheduled. I know that it is a combo of not feeling good that has me wanting to walk out the door and say "ENOUGH" but man if I'm not ready!

Dr. Bailey called me last night. He wanted to make sure that I had his cell phone number so that I could call him with Dr. Lee's ultrasound results. He said that he is confident we are going to be able to save our baby/babies with the cerclage. I am praying with all that I am that he is right. He wants to see us after Dr. Lee discharges us, between 8w-9w to schedule the cerclage for sometime between 11w-13w. At this early, he said my cervix is a great length to work with and there would be time for it to really heal before the 16w point when things start to go downhill for me. That would put my first prenatal at the end of April and the cerclage middle-end of May. Wow. It feels so fast now that dates are seriously being discussed.

I checked through my employee handbook yesterday. For my position, I'm asked to give 4 weeks notice. That would put around our ultrasound date if I am going to go out in mid-May. I have time saved up, so I would work those four weeks I think and then use my sick/personal/vacation time to finish off. That would probably take me into June. I'm not sure about anything right now though.

If you would, remember and say a prayer for MLG and ANT who are going through some of the fertility wait game right now.


Donna said...

Michele - I hope you feel better! Someone told me to try sucking on ginger candy to help with the nausea. Just take it easy and try not to stress to much!

Michele said...

Try preggie pops for the nausea..they work wonders:)

Mommy (You can call me OM) said...

You REALLY want to get out of there. I don't blame you.
I've got nothing for you on the nausea. Nothing really ever worked for me and you've been through this before, so I'll just pray that this too shall pass.
Do you literally live at church? Do you have a perpetual adoration at your church? Tell me more. :)
Meanwhile, as I lie in bed, I'll construct the island.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, isn't it great when the house is clean? You've guilted me into doing my microwave today! And secondly, sounds like you have people who really care about you surrounding you. I'm glad they are discussing dates, I'm glad you feel nauseous. I'm glad you don't have to work too much longer. I'm just glad for you xxxx

A n T said...

Hope you are feeling better! Glad to hear they are putting the cerclage in a lot earlier!