Monday, March 9, 2009


I saw Dr. Lee this morning. Unfortunately, Peter had a meeting, so I went alone. My right ovary stopped developing follicles and the ones on that side had actually shrunk. But, my left ovary (which is my "high performer"- Nick, Sophie, & Alex were all left ovary babies) has 2 "big" follicles. The largest was 14mm, with the second at 12mm. She was pleased. I guess this is good since my 10mm was on my right side, which means that these were 6mm-8mm on Thursday. With this new development, her thought is that we will trigger on Wednesday or Thursday for ovulation on Friday or Saturday. I had an appointment on Wednesday for another ultrasound and bloodwork.

I'm feeling melancholy today. I just can't seem to perk up. Most days, it is a stretch and I have to force myself to put on a happy face. But I just cant today. I'm really trying, but inside... It's just not there.

On another note... St. Gerard has made appearances this week. On Sunday, a woman from church brought me prayer book of the St. Gerard novena. She said that she was in a Catholic book store and just felt compelled to buy it for me. I thought it was really sweet and was tossing around the idea of praying it after ovulation day and continuing (hopefully) through pregnancy. Well, this morning, my friend, J, mentioned St. Gerard, and that she was praying for his intercession in my life. I'm someone who is constantly looking for coincidences, and this seemed like a Wow! moment.

Well... I'm waiting for a call from Dr. Lee to find out my dosage for tonight and if anything was out of the ordinary in my bloodwork. Hopefully things are going well. Chart wise, this is a lot like Nicholas and Sophia's cycle. It took longer for follicles to develop and was about 3 weeks from start to ovulation. At this rate, we would ovulate around CD17-CD18.

Tonight is out 2nd CSS parenting class. Fun times. I have to admit I wasn't impressed with class #1 (Discipline), but I'm hoping class #2 (Medical) will be better. It's not going to be fun though... Traffic is nuts into Philly at night. It took us 90 minutes last week. I'm expecting more of the same tonight... But hey! Well worth it!


Anonymous said...

Sorry you are having a sad day, but it sounds like you have some really good news about your follies!

S said...

Are you at home today. I would love to call and catch up, Been too long!
Love you!

Reba said...

Sorry you're having a melancholy day today :( Those come with the territory. I hope tomorrow is better. Remember too that those meds really mess with our emotions!

B said...

Best if luck Michelle. You are very brave.

Go follies

Anonymous said...

Michele,I went thru this for a few years to have our son.I think the key word is determination.Dont give up.I didn't and we have Donnie.I would go thru it all again.It was worth it.Hang in there.Your miracle is coming soon:)

A n T said...

Good Luck with this cycle Michele. I'm just wondering have you ever looked into getting a TAC done? I know a woman on FF who had it done after many losses due to IC. The TAC basically sews up the cervix to keep the baby baking. I know you're on FF now I can give you her name if you would like to PM her and speak to her about it. I really want your next pregnancy to be one that sticks around so you can finally have a take home baby! It worked for her and she has for the first time reach the point of viability.

Anonymous said...

My grandmother prays to St. Gerard for me. I also find solace in St. Ann, even though I'm no longer Catholic.

I think you should run with it. A piece of the universe is reaching out to you. Good luck with this cycle!