Monday, November 19, 2018

Mind Manipulation

We've all seen it.  The "game day socks" or the "special pen".  Those little crutches that, through fate or luck have been with us with "IT" has happened, so we decide that, every time we are faced with "IT", we have to have that thing!

When Maya was younger, she was upset with me before I didn't let her wear her Giant's jersey to church.  The last time the Giants had played on a Sunday, she hadn't worn their jersey and they had lost.  She was convinced the two were related.  When they lost, there wasn't much I could do to convince her otherwise!  It was all my fault!  (Not those interceptions... Not at all!)

We all have those little things that put our heads in the right space.

Guess who has had a smoothie every day since starting the CBD... Even before coffee.... Yeah.  This girl.

When I bought the CBD oil from the co-op, they had a smoothie ready to go in the cold case, so I grabbed it.  I like green smoothies; it was good.  Basic: just water, kale, spinach, apple, banana, and pineapple.  I decided to pick up the ingredients from the store.  You can always use a good smoothie, right?

Well, now it's become some sort of a "I've had one every day since I started and I've kept my cool under fire and things are good so.... Maybe I should have one today."

I know.  It makes zero sense and, consciously, I know that having a smoothie is just that: having a smoothie.  But subconsciously???  Maybe I should go pull out Maya's Giant's jersey for Sunday's game...

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