Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 15w3d

We were on vacation last week and I didn't pop out my laptop once.  Since posting from my phone isn't really convenient and things have been busy, here's a slightly delayed update.

Two weeks ago, I saw Dr. B and we saw a healthy, bouncing baby who **looked** to be a boy.  Needless to say, Maya was not thrilled and was still holding out hope that he would be a she.  But, this last Monday, the results of my MaterniT21 came back that we are having a genetically healthy, baby boy.

Lucas Andrew: 13w3d

While we were on vacation, we settled on his name: Lucas Andrew.  Lucas is Latin and means "light" or "illumination"; it is a derivative of the name Luke.  Andrew is a Greek name and means "strong man" or "warrior"; alternately, it can mean "courageous".  So, together the name means an "illuminated warrior", or "illuminated man of strength".  His name fits in with the names of our sons, and, like them, he is named after some special people.  Lucas was the childhood friend of my brother-in-law, who even now inspires happy memories for Peter; Andrew is the name of our parish priest and, partly, is responsible for why we had the faith to continue having children after our losses.  He visited us in the hospital, as our newly assigned parochial vicar, after Alexander died, and he serves our parish as wonderful pastor these days.  Lucas couldn't be named after more wonderful people.  He is due to be born two weeks before St. Luke's Day and I would love to have him baptized on St. Andrew's Day in November.  We shall see how that all works out!

These days, I feel okay.  Very tired.  Emotional.  Nervous about the future.  I'm still teaching; I taught three classes over two days and, honestly, this very moment, my muscles hurt.  But I'm grateful to still be on my feet and busy.  Michael's pregnancy showed me that the TAC works and I'm not scared of the future; that being said, I'm just tired: emotionally, physically... Just about every which way, I think.

It's hard emotionally to realize that, gestationally, this coming Sunday is the day I went into labor with Nicholas.  Then, in 8 days, it was Alexander; the next week, Sophia.  While we were on vacation last week, it really hit me and I know that 16-18 weeks are going to be tough in that way.  I'm trying to just to not think about it too much.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Hello, Second Trimester!

I'll post about other things later, but here's a light hearted one!

So, we've made it to the second trimester!  Woo Hoo.  Only 6 more months to go; October 5th will be here before we know it.

I've finally stopped feeling nauseous all the time and puking nearly as often.  I'm tired- excessively so- and am always hungry at 3am, which I have a feeling will show up at Dr. B's this Thursday when I have my next appointment.  I had to rerun my panorama bloodwork because they didn't have enough to assess fetal DNA last time; those results should be in this week as well.  Maya is still convinced the baby is a girl, although Michael weighed in for boy the other day!  We'll know who is right soon enough!

We have a baby girl's name mostly picked out (have a first name, still debating a middle) but we have nada on a boy's name.  We're usually good about having these in the first tri... We're a bit behind here!