Tuesday, October 29, 2013

17 Weeks

Can you believe my cheeky little guy is seventeen weeks old!!

He's such a sweet baby.  I just want to eat him up!

Michael wants to grow up too quickly!  He loves to try to "walk"; he sits with us at the table for meals in a little chair that Bobby seemed to grow out of yesterday.  Time flies...  He's still in his 6 month clothes but I have a feeling I'll need to pull out the 6-9s shortly!  He'll be 4 calendar months on Saturday, and he has his 4 month well baby next week.  Can't wait to see how much he's grown!

(On another note, Bobby and Maya had their 4yo check up last week...  B is 41 pounds and 42", M is 30 pounds and 33"!)

Work is going really well. :)  When I asked the GM what I could do to help him, he said "Work more hours"!  I'll take that as a compliment! :)  While the hours seem tough, it's not getting up at 3am that is hard... It's more around 3pm... when I'm tired and ready for bed!  By the time dinner is on the table, around 6:30, I'm trying not to fall asleep at the table!  Getting Michael to bed and turning in myself are usually my only goals by the time the sun goes down!

I think the kids are used to me being gone in the mornings.  Peter really has the morning routine down, and things are going well on that end.  Michael is a chronic nurser once we are back together.  (He's nursing now!)  Of everyone, I think he's having the hardest time (I'm going to say I'm a close 2nd, since I miss him and the kids - and Peter too- in the mornings).

And, speaking of being gone... the NYC Marathon is in 5 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I did a 20 mile training run last Saturday.  Last year, I did 20 in about 4 hours.  This year? It was 4.5 hours.  Not bad for only a month of training but still...  I'm looking at least 6 hours of running this weekend... God help me!


Unknown said...

you got such a cute baby

Anonymous said...

His straps are way too loose. Are they above his shoulders? At or below for infant seats. Take those darn harness covers off!!

Im sorry I can't read a blog where the writer posts pictures of car seat misuse and doesn't do a damn thing about it. Car accidents are the NUMBER ONE killer of kids in America. Properly buckling your child into their seat will save their lives.

Michele said...

Thanks for your concern, although it is unfounded. By the time I take the pictures I'm usually either snapping it before I pull him from the carseat (when I've started getting him out) or just after I've put him in (and haven't adjusted). And the harness covers are approved for use by his pediatrician.

Thanks for your concern.