Monday, October 14, 2013

Getting Back On the Horse

I rode horses as a kid. Not all the time, mind you, but whenever I could, I was in the saddle.  We grew up fairly poor but my parents would scrimp and save for special occasions, like birthdays and Christmas.  Whenever I was able to ride, it was a piece of heaven.  I haven't had the opportunity to ride much as an adult, but I've had the joy of watching the twins embrace my love.

Bobby: November 2011

Maya: April 2013

I rarely look into riding for myself these days... Instead, I look into riding for the kids.  It seems nuts... the things that you love to do going to a back burner because you want what your kids love.  What do we do on our birthdays? Mine was spent at the zoo (I really don't like zoos... but the kids do!) and Peter's included a trip to the kids museum we are members of.  Our cakes were kid approved.  It's that sort  of thing.  And, what's more interesting, is that we like it that way. 

There's a new horse in the barn. 

I've applied for employment... outside of the home.  It's part time, a few hours in the early morning, opening up a local gym.  There's an opportunity to pick up some class teaching too, as the gym expands their offerings.  So, I'm excited... and nervous. 

I prayed for a position that would allow us to pay off the expenses associated with Michael's pregnancy and delivery as well as start saving for the possibility of needing to pay for an aide for Bobby in Kindergarten.  I'm not normally one to pray with stipulations, but my largest concern was for the kiddos.  I wanted to be able to still be a stay-at-home mom and not disrupt the kids' lives.  While this will be a change for them (Peter will have to balance feeding Michael around 7am while getting himself ready for work, the twins ready for school, and then dropping the twins off), I will still be able to be the homeroom mom at school, be with them on their vacations, and take care of Michael, as well as keep coaching cross country.  When this position opened up, I applied, interviewed last week, and was hopeful.  And today? I got the call! 

I'm nervous... It's been years since I was in the workforce.  But I'm excited for the new opportunity!

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