Wednesday, October 9, 2013

14w (a day late!)

Here he is!  Mr. Michael was 14 weeks old yesterday (and still just as cute as ever).

14 weeks
According to our home scale, Michael is 13 pounds (gulp!).  He's just so long, though, that he doesn't look hefty at all.  He was mistaken for a baby much younger at the farmer's market (probably due to that!).  He loves to smile and is learning how to play with some of his toys.  He still hates the car (but he likes to watch himself in the car mirror we got him.)

I still can't believe I'm going to leave him and do the NYC Marathon.  I'm pumping (or trying to) daily to store up some milk for him, since I don't want him to be hungry while I'm gone.  I feel guilty.  :(  He'll barely be 4 months old and I'll be gone for anywhere from 12 hours (if I don't spend the night, that is the minimum) to 36 hours.  Being away from him that long, I think, is going to be emotionally painful to say the least.  It's not easy with the twins, but they are old enough now that they do things for themselves and like some independence.  Michael is still so dependent...  It breaks me to think that I'll be away from him and he will miss me and not be able to express himself.  I almost want to just do it in a day without an overnight for that reason!  We shall see...  The big kicker is that, in staying over, I can pump milk beforehand.  Not being able to do that scares me that I'll screw up our breastfeeding journey.  And that I don't want to do!

Speaking of breastfeeding, we've been discussing adding solids at the 4 month mark, which is what we did with the twins.  We've decided to wait until the 6 month mark.  There is research all over the place and people have all sorts of opinions, but it looks like (God willing!) we'll keep with EBF for 10 more weeks or so!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

He looks like you! He will be fine, go do your marathon.....if it really bothers you then I suggest you don't spend the night. ((HUGS))

Amelia said...

I hope you find your answer that makes you happy. It's SO awesome you get to do the marathon!
I wish I had EBF for longer, I hope this works out for you!