Saturday, June 12, 2010

1st Brick

Sarah and I did our first triathlon training brick today. We did a six mile bike ride (in 37 minutes, but we werent pushing it) and a 2 mile run/walk (in 25 minutes).  About half of the tri ride and a little over half of the run.  It was good, but man, am I beat!  And, Peter got in on the action by biking to work (8-9 miles) for practice.  He's driving home (well, Sarah is driving him home) but it's a good practice for his actual riding to/from work.  It took him 45 minutes and it's fairly hilly.

We're going to do some shopping today, and Sarah and I are going to look at tri suits.  We've opted to try 2 pieces, since she and I have different body types  (read, I have the boobs to feed a small army) and were hoping to match.  We've found these from Danskin that go in a large enough size to accommodate my DD's.

Hopefully, we can try these on!  Now... about tri shoes... Do we just swim barefoot and put on our sneakers or do we invest in something like these?

Any triathloners out there?  Thoughts?


Jen said...

Awesome! Keep up the good work!

sunflowerchilde said...

Yes, I'm a triathlete! I've been reading forever but never (or almost never) commented. Unless the bottom of the lake/river/ocean that you're swimming in is SUPER rocky, do NOT wear shoes on the swim. I don't think I've ever seen anyone do that, and I can't imagine how hard it would be to swim with shoes on. I set up my transition area with at least one towel, sometimes an extra one in my bag, and dry my feet off after the swim, and also get off any dirt, sand, or pebbles that are sticking to it. Since I have separate bike shoes, I wait to put on socks until the run, but before I got my bike shoes, I'd put on socks and running shoes right after the swim. So it's important to get your feet relatively clean or you'll be in for an uncomfortable hour or two.

If you want any more triathlon advice, let me know! I've completed about 7 of them now, and a few relays, too. Oh, and I have a two-piece suit - it's way better for going to the bathroom before/during/after the race - totally worth the extra few dollars.

Catherine W said...

Geesh. I'm afraid I have absolutely NO advice about triathlon but I really admire you and Sarah!

Jenni said...

I'm going to second Sunflowerchild on the advice to not wear the shoes. I can't imagine doing a long swim with shoes on. They'll probably just tire you out. No point in making it harder. I also have bike shoes to use... but my first couple I just made sure to really clean my feet and put on my clean socks and shoes before the bike. The time saved may be lost in the discomfort of riding/running in very wet shoes.