Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our Last Night

Here we are... the eve of our departure.  And I still cant believe how quickly the time has flown by.

Mom and I took a "girls day" yesterday.  I am now sporting a new haircut (a layered trim... I think Peter would have killed me if I'd come back with short hair!)  Then, we had lunch at a local spot my parents enjoy (that has Guinness (and 68 other  brews) on tap).  Then, mani-pedi's!  My mom was a nail salon virgin, and we went to a place that is nothing but nails.  And it is huge.  I mean HUGE.  We sat in the comfy massage chairs (I was debating on how easily I could fit one in her Subaru...) and had the "signature" service, which included exfoliation and leg massage.  It was heavenly.  And, because I'm me, I got to pick out the nail color for our toes and selected "Shrek green".  It is a cross between spring yellow and lime green.  Probably looks great on a 12 year old.  But it's fun.  And my feet are oh so soft.  For our manicures, we both just had them buff the nails verses clear, since I know the babies will eat my fingers and she gardens so much that the polish would fade and chip quickly.  After that, we went to a 10,000 Villages that she didnt know was there (where I bought some stationary made out of elephant dung- I know you cant wait to get a letter from me now!), then came back to the house, where the menfolk were on babyduty and doing quite a good job!  Other than Maya refusing to eat for anyone (she took a bottle and a nap with me), they were having a nice time.  They ventured out with the babies, and when we cae home Bobby was in his PopPop's lap on the side porch, rocking in the glider.  It was a really fun day, and a nice day spend with my Mom.  I know when I look at my crazy toes, I'll remember and that will make the missing a little easier.

We had decided earlier in the week that, to say thank you for the wonderful time we've had and the AWESOME food my stepdad makes, that I would make dinner tonight.  So, last night, I raided their spice garden (it was so wonderful!!!  made me really regret not getting mine squared away pre-babies) and prepared a cold pasta salad and leg of lamb.  PopPop and I share a love of cooking (Mimi... not so much although she loves to clean and that is what any good cook needs!!!) so we hung out in the kitchen and discussed.  It was a nice night to connect and catch up.  And he busted out some GOOD wine, which never hurts an evening either.  Dinner went well, and my brother came afterwards, so we got to chat and he got to meet his neice and nephew.

My cousin had her baby, just shy of 34 weeks.  We dont know much, except that he is 4lbs, having trouble breathing, and is in the NICU.  Prayers for CJ are appreciated.  In happy [reemie news, my neices both have slept through the night  (a nice feet right there!) without oxtgen support or their apnea monitors going off!!  They were 33 weekers born in March, and are as cute as buttons!
i cant wait to smooch those cheeks!


Queenie. . . said...

It's interesting that you have so many premature births in your family. That seems a bit unusual.

I'm glad to see how well the babies are doing. You've come a long way!

Reba said...

it sounds like a really lovely, enjoyable trip home you've all had. hoping the new little one is doing well in the hospital.

Paula said...

We went to a 10,000 Villages when we were in Dollywood. I bought a candle but didn't see any elephant dung paper; Jason would have loved that! Glad your trip is going so well.

Michele said...

What is even more interesting is that NONE of us is genetically related!

sprogblogger said...

I'm so glad you had such a good time with family. Those are the best kind of trips/vacations, and it sounds like this was a lovely one. Take care.

Mother Knows Best Reviews said...

It sounds like you guys had just an amazing time - and there's nothing like soft hands and feet! Safe travels home!