Thursday, June 3, 2010

"Maya doesn't love you"...

We visited my girlfriend Terri last night.  She has two sons; the oldest is moving towards seven and the youngest just turned three.  They are both so sweet to the babies and were all playing nicely together.  (Which, I have to be honest, you wouldn't think a seven year old would want to play with an infant, but he is SO good with them!).  At dinner, we adults were joking around, and "betrothed" Maya and her youngest son to one another.

After dinner, we all were sitting down and CJ, the 3yo, wanted to hold Maya.  Then, he's rubbing her hair and telling all of us that he loves her.  Which is downright adorable.  (Earlier in the evening, the boys each told us that they loved a different baby for XYZ reasons, so no one is thinking too much of this.)  While we are feeding the babies, the boys sit down in the floor to play together, and WC, the oldest child, says "I love Bobby." and then, "I love Maya".  All of a sudden, CJ busts out with "Maya doesn't love you!"

In the midsts of the adults trying not to laugh too hard, I hear him mumble "She loves me".  Well, poor WC starts to cry, and we try to explain that both Bobby and Maya love both boys.  The evening goes on, but at the end, when it is time to say goodbye, CJ hugs Maya and tells her, "I love you."  (I'm sorry to say I missed this exchange because I was getting stuff together.

I truly hope Terri gives her rendition of this on her blog; comedic writing is her forte and I know I didnt give this justice.  We had a great time with awesome friends (and the yummy food didnt hurt either!)

On another cute note, my stepdad and mom have a black lab named Tipper, who's around 15 years old.  It's a struggle for her to get from here to there, but she tries.  She loves the babies.  When they are in the spare bedroom (our baby stuff headquarters, where they get changed and fed and nap, etc), she is laying by the bed.  When they are in the living room, she's there.  When Peter and I were in different rooms with a baby each, she would go back and forth.  And if a baby cried, even though I can only imagine how tough it is for her, she would get up and investigate to make sure they were okay.  What a sweetheart.  It is the most lovely thing to watch unfold.

I've heard from a number of bloggers who can't make the earlier time on Sunday, but I completely understand.  We will try and reschedule for next time and cancel getting together this weekend.

The wi-fi being in and out (as in cutting in and out) is making commenting on blogs pretty nasty.  I try and sometimes succeed, other times, it just times out.  So, if you havent heard from me, rest assured that I am reading (during my morning web time while everyone else sleeps!) but havent been able to comment.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

What a sweet story. Sounds like your trip is going well. I am so happy for all of you. Sweet Tipper

Mother Knows Best Reviews said...

Both of her boys sound just so very, very sweet - and who can blame them for loving Bobby and Maya? :)