Friday, June 4, 2010

Two More To Go...

I cannot believe that we only have two more nights here before we hit the road back to PA.  This trip has flown by.  You would think it would feel much longer since we've been gone a week already, but I feel like I just got here.  And now, I'm remembering things to pack up for the trip home.  Sadness...

I met my nephew yesterday!  I promised Peter I wouldnt blog about certain things that happened, so this will be uncharacteristically brief.  First off, he's a cutie.  He's the spitting image of my brother as a baby.  My mom picked him up, along with his mother (Jimmy was at work), and brought them for lunch, then we all went to the local park and had a photo shoot reminiscent of my childhood, before parting ways so she could get Jimmy from work.  The three babies all got along well.  They sat next to each other and stroked faces (and pulled hair).  He was a little pumpkin (about 2-3 pounds heavier than Bobby and maybe that many inches shorter), and so sweet. I will remember that little sweetie in my arms and kissing that face when I'm on my way home.

Ben is 2 weeks younger than the twins, and I invited them to celebrate Bobby and Maya's birthday, as well as Ben's, in PA.  It would be before his real birthday, but it would give a chance for my dad to meet his grandson, and could also serve as a time away for them.

We have some awesome pictures.  It could have only been better if Jimmy had been with us, and if my step-brother and his family were there.  My mom often talks about the daycare situation we will have if all the kids (there are 3 of us) come home for Christmas with kids (Bobby, Maya, Ben, and my twin nieces, Sophie and Grace).  My stepdad says that we'd all have our hands full!

And speaking of hands full, PopPop and Daddy are on babyduty while Mimi and Mommy go play!  My mom has arranged some spa time with a friend of hers who has a salon for us, for my birthday!  She told me yesterday, and I'm really excited.  I havent had my hair cut since it was lopped off for bedrest (and that wasnt for style; it was for convenience!) and even then, I dont think I had it washed or any of the bells and whistles! I keep joking with Peter that I'm going to have lime green nails when I come back (which is funny not only because of the color, but because I am soooo bad at keeping nail polish from chipping. My lifestyle is NOT conducive to cute nails).

To start off spa-day early, Peter gave me a foot rub last night and nearly put me to sleep!  I have horribly calloused heels from too many shoeless days (and too many flipflop days).  I have this awesome Origins cream called Reinventing the Heel that is amazing.  My feet, even after this morning's shower, are still feeling the cool menthol.  Yummy!

And, since I brought up barefoot walking, I got some new orthopedic flipflops (I know, I sound like I'm the grandma, but the guys at the running store gave me a hard time for using shower flipflops as my everyday shoes).  If you are a barefoot lover like me, but need something for your feet, I love my new Croc ABFs.  Sarah gave me her orthopedic flipflop catalog (yes, they exist) and I looked through it for something that wouldnt break the bank and would work for me, and I saw these.  I had them shipped to my mom's so they'd be here when I got here, and they are great.  They are very supportive (in fact, when I put my shower shoes on, I feel a HUGE difference) and I feel like I am indeed barefoot (the ABF stands for Almost Bare Foot).  They dont have the little bumps that I always hated about Crocs.  I also got a pair of more dressy ones and they are good for jeans or for a dress! And, best of all, my high arches dont hate me (too much)!

While I miss "home", especially with the heat and humidity of my first home, I am sorry to see our trip coming to an end.  There are still people I havent been able to catch up with for one reason or another; although, I think I could be here for a month and still have that situation.  How quickly this time comes to an end...

I would love it if family could make it for the twin's first birthday.  I guess I should start planning it to give out-of-towners an opportunity to make arrangements.  It's hard to believe it's only three months away.  Yesterday they were born, and now, first birthdays.  I somehow have a feeling that, if I blink, they'll be leaving for college or having their own families.

I'll just have to keep my eyes open and enjoy every day for what it is right now.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Thrilled that you saw your nephew.
I think I need to try that heel lotion. I'll have to look at those flip flops. Can't believe you are heading home soon and that the kids will be 1 in three months.
Have a very safe trip home.

Mommy (You can call me OM) said...

Michele, thank you for your supportive comments. It means so much to me.

You are doing such a wonderful job with your newest little ones. You make it sound so easy. :)