Thursday, February 11, 2010

Forgive me...

... for taking my sweet time to post about the Christening. You'd think with the snowstorm that I'd have some free time on my hands, but not so much. As Bobby and Maya take fewer naps and are awake more, sometimes my computer collects dust in the office until I can sneak away before I crawl into bed! But I havent forgotten to post an update on Sunday. I really havent!

We actually didnt take any photographs of the actual ceremony with our camera; instead, Sarah recorded the entire thing! Right now, I cant figure out how to upload it, but once I do, it will go to the photo site, and I will link to it here. We had several folks take pictures and, when we have them, those also will go to the other page. But I wanted to share the highlights here, since so many of you emailed your good wishes, sent Bobby and Maya gifts, or shared this day with us in person. Thank you so much!

(For those who aren't Catholic and are looking for information on R.C. baptisms, you can click here, here, or here.)

Because of the weather, the baptism was postponed from Saturday to Sunday, after the 11:30 Mass. Our main church is large and holds about 1000 people+. Our chapel has seating for 70. So, for a more intimate gathering, the baptism was held in the chapel (normally, baptisms are held in the Narthex, at the entrance of the church, where we have a baptismal pool for adults and a font for infants). We filled the chapel and had people standing, so there were approx. 80 people in attendance, including family, friends, and parishioners. Both of Maya's godparents were present, but Bobby's godfather is a policeman and had to work (and couldnt call out due to the storm), so we had a proxy stand in for him. Our priests set up a small table with a bowl and pitcher for the ceremony, and Fr. B., who preached the 11:30 service, expanded on his words with a beautiful homily that tied in nicely to the baptism. The godmothers held the babies through the service aspect and when they were anointed with the first holy oil, then Peter and I held them, surrounded by their godparents, for their actual baptism and second anointing.

Their prayer cards (with the last names of the godparents edited out)

Maya with her godfather, Esteban

Bobby with his godmother, Jody

Bobby being baptized by Fr. Peterson, our pastor

Maya being baptized by Fr. Brownholtz, our parochial vicar

Our twins being held by their priests after their baptisms.

After the ceremony, people made their way through the snow for a luncheon. Maya wore a beautiful green dress that her godmother picked out for her and Bobby wore blue slacks and a red sweater (also a gift from M's godmother and his godfather). They were so cute! They had a busy afternoon of lovings from family, friends, and our church family. Our house was full but not packed, maybe 40-50 people came back, and we fed them (without leftovers!).

I took a picture of the cake, which I hope came out. It said "God Bless Bobby and Maya" in brown, with a cross on either side. At the top, the baker placed three little stars and, at the bottom, three small crosses with halos over them. I just about bawled when I picked it up on Saturday morning. It was really so sweet. I hugged the baker and thanked her. When we first had spoken, because I opted for only 1/4 sheet cake, she planned on being very simple. Yet, the cake was elegant and came together so well. Because I only bought the 1/4, it was all gone!!! (Of course, we also had brownies and cookies, so people werent at a loss for sugar!) We served a variety of finger sandwiches, chips, fried chicken, Spanish rice, shrimp cocktail, crudite, fruit platter, and a bread platter. In addition, we had a coffee station and softdrink station set up. We transformed our kitchen into a buffet and had seating throughout the house. All in all, it was quite a successful get together! I know we have pictures (they just havent been uploaded), so at some point, I will get them on the other site.

We had a blast with our friends who visited (which I'll write about in another post). Right now, we are just so happy that so many could share this beautiful day with Bobby and Maya, the newest members of our church!


Ms. J said...

Sounds like it was a lovely day for all (and yummy, too).

K said...

The Christening sounds lovely! I'm so happy you got to enjoy the special day with family and loved ones!! :)

Thinking of you as well as you remember your first little one nine years ago.

Leah said...

It sounds like a wonderful and special day. :-D

Debby@Just Breathe said...

What a wonderful turnout you had.
Sounds like it was beautiful and a great party afterwards. I'm so happy for all of you. The cake sounds like it was perfect.

Allison (Ali) said...

beautiful service

Lisette said...

Sounds beautiful. A baptism is so special (I am catholic too) and it just makes you feel so close to God.

God bless you and your family always.

Mother Knows Best Reviews said...

What a wonderful day to remember forever! I'm so glad you had such a great time!

drmedhus said...

Michele, I read Beyond Tears. It is an amazing book and I'm so happy to see that you've recommended it.

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

Sounds like a beautiful celebration and a wonderful way to bring the babies into the church.

addingtothepack said...

What a great day! I am glad that the snow did not throw things off too much.

mrsmuelly said...

I understand about the delays in posting. You are way ahead of me on that!

The Christening sounds absolutely lovely. So glad you had family to share.

Anonymous said...

oh Michele, it sounds like a lovely day!! Very special!!

quadmom said...

Congratulations, Bobby and Maya! We were so honored to be able to witness your Christening. =)

(The cake sounds gorgeous, Michele!)