Tuesday, October 6, 2009

NICU Fundraiser and NICU Day 25 (yesterday)

The babies had another great day yesterday. Maya has now passed Bobby's birthweight and is 2 pounds 13.7 ounces and Bobby is up to (gulp!) 3 pounds 6.1 ounces! His crib is all ready for him. My baby boy is moving out of his isolette and into an open air crib! Our favorite nurse got it ready for him last night and he will either be moved into it during day shift or when she comes back tonight. I cant believe that he will be "in the open". Maya has about 200 grams left to gain (about 7 ounces) before she will join him. At the rate she's going, it should be late this week or early next week. They both have had their feedings upped (he's at 32ml and she's at 27ml, per feed). And they both take to the breast without problem. He is quite the "breast man" (or, I guess, it should be breast boy at this age...); even if he's not suckling and is just sitting there with the nipple in his mouth, try to move it and he suddenly decides he's not done. I have to wait until he's almost asleep to move him. Otherwise, those eyes fly open, he tries to pinch me! (I know! How could someone so small pinch so hard!), and then roots around until he can squash his little jaws down. It's so freaking adorable. She's much easier in her approach. They both are just so adorable, though. I find my neck hurts because I cant stop watching them.

The physical therapist did her first assessment yesterday. Both babies did well. Starting post 31 gestational weeks (which we hit on Saturday), she will come and spend 20 minutes with each baby Monday through Friday. She assesses their muscle tone and development, stimulates movement, and gives them infant massage. The therapist was very nice and detailed what she was doing to each baby and why.

Last night, we attended the annual NICU fundraiser. We saw both docs who were in the delivery room when Bobby and Maya were born, plus an additional neonatologist who took care of them and the head of the department at all the hospitals. We bid in the silent auction (won an awesome pottery bowl) but we left before the 50/50 raffle, leaving our tickets with a couple whose twins were in the NICU for 3 months (they are 18 months old now and doing very well). They told us they would donate the money back if we won. We got there around 6pm and left around 7:30pm. It was a buffet style dinner, which worked really well, since we were able to eat and then leave for the hospital, to make it in time for holdings!

It was strange to dress up. I havent worn make up in years (I'd say at least 5?? Maybe more?) yet my face, yesterday, decided to become uber-blotchy so I thought, what the heck! Why not! (Makeup has a shelf life and I should toss the stuff I have out...) So, I put it on and remembered (other than my laziness) all the reasons why I never wear it. Peter was quite shocked when he came in and saw me in it. I lasted about 2 hours. When I got to the hospital, I scrubbed it off (I even packed some face wash wipes in my diaper bag so I could get it off). It was so nice to be "free" again. I think this was my sign. Toss the old makeup. You arent going to wear it anymore. Breakouts are only temporary and said blotchy patches (there were 2 of them) werent worth the gross feeling. And, of course, one is gone and the other is on the way out the door...

So, I had a drink... 2 actually. 2 glasses of wine. I asked our nurse (who asked one of the breastfeeding consultants) how long it would take the 8oz or so to clear my system. She gave me a great article about it with a chart and told me to wait about 3.5 hours to be on the safe side. I also found a groovy website this morning and typed in my info and got a similar response. I took my first drink around 6pm, so basically, the chart (and calculator) said I could pump after 9:30 and be okay. I pumped around 10:30 and got 4 ounces. It's in the fridge downstairs. I know that science shows that breastmilk doesnt accumulate alcohol and that alcohol metabolizes back into the body (so pumping and dumping isnt really needed) but I still worry... What if... I have a good tolerance for booze, so I'm not too worried that my milk is polluted, but still... What if... Even a little bit... Peter says that he's sure it is fine (but that if I want to leave it for his cereal, that is fine too- EWW! YUCK!). I dont know.... My 4:45am pumping gave me 180ml... I'm almost wondering if I should just count my blessings (I dont know what I will get on this pumping...) and not bother with last night's pump. I dont know... I really dont want to take the chance (I guess I've answered my own question...) Needless to say the wine wasnt good enough to cause me so much mental worry, so that wont happen again!


I am expecting today to be another good day (is that tempting the fates?)... The babies continue to blow everyone's expectations out of the water. Good Irish stock, I tell Peter... I want, so badly, to believe that all is going to be okay, but every time in pregnancy I have felt that way, the other shoe drops and tells me how wrong I am. I feel such a guarded optimism and, honestly, I want to be ignorant again. I want to believe that babies dont die. That everything is going to be just fine because there is no other way for it to be. People assume that once your children live, life is great again. But it isnt. I dont think it ever becomes that way. It is a blessing and a curse; it shows you how wonderful life is while showing you exactly what you missed and continue to miss.

We'll be putting the car seats in the car this week... And the stroller... We want to let them air out and, at some point, the twins will have their carseat tests. And then (double gulp) they will come home. Since we dont know when that day will be put it could be as soon as 2 and a half more weeks, I figure why not... The fates be damned...

(updated pics here)


Kate said...

"it shows you how wonderful life is while showing you exactly what you missed and continue to miss."

I dont know why this just made me cry Michele. I miss my first loss to this day. I would have delivered in a few weeks. I'm so happy to be pregnant again and I pray this will work out, but I think that holding my baby will give me unsurpassed joy but certainly remind me of what I lost. I understand your emotion.

So happy the little ones are doign well, they have grown!!! :)

Mother Knows Best Reviews said...

I'm so glad that you had such a good time, and such an eventful day. That's wonderful that you're chugging toward the twins being home.

Anonymous said...

Michele, carseats!! Very exciting. Glad to hear that everything is continuing to go well. :) They are beautiful babies.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love the photos you posted. It is so much fun looking at them. I just adore the photo with Mays's arms all up in her face. Glad you were able to go out for a little while last night. Can't believe Bobby will be in an open air crib.
That is wonderful and I'm sure Maya will be right behind him.
I pray that everything continues to go as well as it has and that they will be home soon. Thank you for sharing them with me.

cheryllookingforward said...

I'm happy things are going so well! I'll be an optimist for you!

Are you going to post of picture of you all dressed up? I bet you looked great!

Anonymous said...

I can see how much Bobby looks like his brothers in some of the pictures especially the picture of Alexander. It is hard to imagine them coming home already. How exciting!!


Tammy On the Go said...

such good news.

wish I could see them in person...Florida is a long ways away for baby love.

Catherine W said...

Wow! They are putting on so much weight. I can't believe that Bobby is over three pounds already, with Maya not far behind!

You've inspired me to go and clear out my five or so bags of mouldering make-up. I used to be a complete make-up fiend but I don't really bother any more. I've found that putting it on makes J laugh though so I guess it's good for something.

You are so right. It is a blessing and a curse. I'm often all too keenly aware of exactly (or near enough) what I lost. I hope that makes me appreciate what I do have all the more? Perhaps? Not much of a consolation though :(

Glad they are both doing so well, they are getting so bonny. J's also one quarter Irish!

Ms. J said...

Super-jazzed about being able to indulge in some wine, post-delivery, based on what you shared (even if I choose to breast-feed)!!!

Reba said...

i love their pictures and videos! oh my gosh, they are doing so well. i don't know how many mls = how many ounces, but i bet they are eating more than my peanut at each feeding ;) what GOOD babies! now that we are back home i need to send you that package. by the way, i agree about makeup! haven't worn it since my sister's wedding in 2006! and before that, my SIL's wedding in 2005! and before that, my own wedding in 2002! can you see a pattern here...

Michelle said...

Thanks for all the photos and videos! It's such a treat for us to see so many all at once, you're so diligent with blogging. These kids are way cute. Miss Maya is so adorable in her pink outfit, god love her!

Sophie said...

The fates be damned is right. You may as well go with it and hope for the best. Nothing will unlearn in us what we have learned about death. I choose to be hopeful...even if my brain is irrational!

We unpacked the pram last night. Eeek. Just over a week to go for us.

Thanks for the info about drinking and breastfeeding. I always feel weird about that too. I think I'd probably skip that first one anyway just to be safe too, especially if your milk supply is adequate.

You guys are doing great. Well done. Maya and Bobby will be home soon and it will be so wonderful for you!

Kate said...

I love the photo of you all at the end of this post. it feels just right.
and oh Michele, I am just so happy for you that things are going so wonderfully well. And i would be scared too, how can you not be? but that does not mean you are not filled with joy and awe. all of these feelings make sense.

thinking of you and I got all teary with the idea of carseats and coming home.

Heather said...

I just love that picture of the 2 of you holding the babies.

And I'm really glad you are talking about car seats and strollers....I bet that feels sooooo good. It makes me smile, and I know the babies in heaven are smiling too. :)