Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lots of Quick Updates...

Wednesday: NICU Day 48 (TCN 15)
Things are going well. I spoke to the NP, who explained the eye surgery if Maya turns out to need it. Apparently, it takes only a few minutes. What takes the most time is the prep work (the baby has to be sedated, paralyzed, and intubated and it takes approx 24 hours to get them back to normal). We are just praying that her eyes regress back to stage 1 and that there is no need to even consider surgery! They got their baths by daddy last night and lots of cuddle time. I took Christmas cards and worked on addressing them while the kids were sleeping. Bobby took in 52% of his feed by bottle/breast and Maya took in 32%. Growing babies!

October 27th:
I've had a post about this day in my head, but I'm just not ready to share. I thought I would on the 27th but it just couldnt come out into words... This is the day that Nicholas and Sophia were conceived. Our lives have never been the same. We both knew from the start there were two and that they were a boy/girl pair. I cant explain it. We just had these feelings. When an ultrasound confirmed that I'd ovulated two eggs and they'd both fertilized, our thoughts were confirmed. We love you, Nicholas and Sophia. We know you are watching over your baby brother and baby sister, and mommy and daddy too.

Breast Milk Production:
Thank you for all of the emails and suggestions. They are most appreciated! I've noticed a small increase of yesterday over Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (when I started keeping a log) and this morning is promising, too. I am taking 2 caps of saw palmetto daily, along with 6 caps of More Milk Special Blend (which has goat's rue, fenugreek, blessed thistle, nettle leaf, and fennel in it). I'm also having a Guinness when I can (maybe once a week?) and oatmeal for breakfast (although I ran out for this morning!). I have to go by Whole Foods for more oatmeal and Mother's Milk Tea.
I am staying hydrated (and I drink extra when pumping) and am averaging about 4-5 hours of sleep a day (which is keeping me going). I sometimes doze by their bedsides, too, for an extra refresher. I've lost the hour of sleep I would have coming home from the hospital since I usually have my car there at night, but it's not really bothering me.
I talked to their nurse yesterday and the babies have not received any formula. Daily, I am making (mostly) enough (save a few cc's on Tuesday and Wednesday) and, because of the storage of previous milk, there is enough to supplement. So, I am hoping to keep that up! And more!
I ordered my SNS and it shipped yesterday. I cant wait to try it. I hope that it helps me, but most of all, I hope it gives Bobby & Maya good breastfeeding experiences!


MFA Mama said...

I know you're doing your best, but when I worked with LCs they really stressed that sleep = milk. So any extra sleep you can get, go for it. I really noticed a difference in what I could pump when I got more sleep (although it made me insane to hear people nag me about sleep because...yeah).

Anonymous said...

Michele, I will be praying for Maya. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

I will keep Maya in my prayers as well as bobby .
I also wish I could say soemthign to help with the pain of losing sophia and nicholas ( alexander too) I know how fresh the pain can feel on special days of memory -please know that I am thinking of you .

quadmom said...

I can't imagine how much Nicholas and Sophia have changed your lives. I love your story about their conception -- it's beautiful.

I am also glad to hear you're doing better with the breast-feeding as are the babies!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I went and looked at that SNS but it didn't say how it is used. I will pray for Maya's eyes to go back to stage 1. Christmas card, wow, you are ahead of the game.
What a special day the 27th was for you. Holding them in my prayers.

Juliet said...

Thinking of Maya and hoping that her eyes do well in her next exam. I'm so impressed at how hard you're working to make enough breastmilk for Bobby and Maya - you're doing an awesome job!!

Mother Knows Best Reviews said...

Thinking of Nicholas and Sophia, as well as their siblings.

Heather said...

Thinking of you, Michele!