Wednesday, October 14, 2009

NICU Day 34 (TCN 2)

I'm sure you remember stories of "canula nurse". In our month plus in the NICU, I have always seen her in the main section, never in TCN. So, who is the nurse when I walk in this morning? You guessed it! Really? Is this some sort of NICU joke? I have to say, she was more laid back today but part of it is just the not-so-awesome interactions of the past that had me feeling less than thrilled. (But she is a 12 hour which means that a 12 hour picks them up for bath night tonight!) I dont think she weighed Maya correctly pre and post breastfeeding. She had a blanket on the scale for the pre weight but not for the post, so it showed that Maya didnt gain anything. Since the nipple shield had milk in it and she had milk on her chin and in her mouth, I find that hard to believe. Maybe only 1% of her feeding or so, but still... Bobby once again took in 6cc's before falling asleep at the breast. (Approx 2% of his feeding). He is now 1 and a half inches longer than he was at birth and she is 2 inches longer than at birth! Their repeat head ultrasounds showed perfectly normal brains! Yay! Cant ask for better than that!

I put together their cradle/bassinet this afternoon. We bought it to have something downstairs for them to lay in. It is a glider; we looked and looked for a rocking one and just couldnt find one... It also has wheels, so we can take it from room to room. Now... To figure out where it will go... I thought it would take me about an hour to assemble. It took 2 and a half. Now, given... I am not savvy in the art of putting furniture together by I swear, part of the instructions are backwards! I followed them and managed to put the glider section backwards. So, half an hour was spent unhooking and rehooking. Always fun... But now it is done! Yay! In other fun news, I'm ordering "my first Halloween" onesies for the twins. I know they arent trick-or-treating but they can at least celebrate their first Halloween in style (if not in costume)!

Once I'm finished pumping, we'll grab a quick dinner and then get on our way to the hospital for bath night! Peter is giving Maya her bath and I have Bobby. Cant wait!


Barefoot said...

Aw, all the Halloween baby stuff is so cute. I can't wait to see pictures!

Kate said...

Awesome about the glider! yikes you got to put them together yourself? That sounds super complicated. It must be fun to get the house ready! I'm so excited for you!

Sorry about the canula nurse :(

Mother Knows Best Reviews said...

Do you get to decorate their area in the NICU at all with Halloween stuff?

Hopefully this is the last of canula nurse!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That nurse, I'm so sorry. They will look so awesome in Halloween outfits. Hope your evening was wonderful. It's all so wonderful.

Anonymous said...

please send pictures of the babies in their Halloween onesies. Sounds adorable. :)

Christmas with Kasey said...

I pray that they will be home for Halloween in their onsies!! I'm sorry you got that nurse... I hope bath time was fun!!