Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rantings of a Domestic Goddess

So, it's official. As of yesterday, I'm a housewife/stay-at-home-mother, aka "domestic goddess". And how did I spend this day? On the couch. I loaded the dishwasher and did some laundry, but mostly, I napped and had my rearend glued to the sofa. Of all the days to start to feel sick, it's my first day of work freedom. I'd hoped to make Peter a nice dinner... That wasn't to be. I didnt even get to the supermarket! Nor did I get to my email or blogs, which meant 2 hours of reading this morning.

Sunday, Peter gave me a beautiful card from him and one from the children. They are next to the bed. So lovely. I look at them a lot. And he bought me some flowers from our Mother's Day sale at church. Then, a pair of beautiful, comfy PJs so I can feel "presentable" when people come over during my bedrest. We had dinner with his parents and my dad. Some of the day, I just slept. He made me breakfast and lunch. It was nice to just spend a laid back day with him and remember and keep our babies close.

This morning, we took out the little, high resolution doppler that we were given our first pregnant Christmas. We loved it with Nicholas, Sophia, and Alexander, and decided, since it picks up around 10w, to try it today (10w3d). It took a while, but we were able to pick out two distinct areas of heartbeats that weren't mine. What takes so long is finding mine, then differentiating. I cant say that we found both heartbeats, just that we picked up non-maternal HBs in 2 areas (left side and just left of center). We know the babies are to the left, but whether we were able to get one or both, not sure. But it was still music to our ears.

I have a list of things I'd like to do today, so I'd better get busy. Otherwise, I might be able to lull myself back to the couch with this sick stomach. But all is well and I can't complain.


Lea said...

Oh Michele, take care of yourself and your little one. Thinking of you.

Donna said...

I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day. Your husband sounds like he's doing a great job taking care of you.

That's so cool that you have a doppler! I am thinking of renting one this time too.

Sorry - you're feeling sick. I know just how miserable that can be. Ginger and/or cinnamon candies have been helping me lately.

Living With Loss said...

That must be such a magical noise!

I'm glad Mothers Day was 'ok' for you - Peter sounds wonderful.

Cara said...

congrats on your new status! And your doppler...they rock!

djordan said...

Warm thoughts to you as well. I can't imagine being on bedrest. It might sounds nice but I am sure that it will NOT be all that easy. Great news on finding the heartbeats. Will be praying that they keep beating strong!

Anonymous said...

that is so awesome about the doppler. I have one that I used with Janaki (and that's how I found out she had died), due to my - er - general "flab" shall we say, I couldn't pick anything up until 12weeks. Its sitting in the cupboard now, and I'm getting a little anxious. I mean, if my pregnancy even progresses that far, I'm not sure I'd be able to use the same doppler again, the memories surrounding it are just too overwhelming.

Hoping your bubbies continue to grow beautifully, they have the best guardian angels around!