Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cerclage follow-up

I'm safely home. My apologies for not emailing a follow-up yesterday but it was a long day getting settled in. I'll start from the beginning.

We went to bed around 10pm on Monday and were up at 1am to get ready for Adoration. (We were subbing 1/2 hour for the person who Adores before us, so we left at 1:15 instead of our normal 1:45). We were home by 3:15 amd wemt back to bed. At 5:30, the alarm went off and we got ready and left for Lankenau at 6:30. Traffic was very light and we made it to the Admissions desk at 7:15am for my 7:30 appointment. Within 15 minutes, I was taken back to pre-OP. where I changed into a gown, answered some questions. was taken to a bed in the pre-OP area. and had my IV placed. After that, they brought Peter in and we were together for a bit. By this point, it was 8:30 or so. I was in pre-OP for about an hour. The anesthesiologist and the resident who would be assisting Dr. Bailey, Dr. Ali, came in to speak with us. Then, suddenly, it was time. A nurse came and we said our goodbyes before they wheeled me into the OR.

I was freezing and the room was cold. The nurses were nice and gave me some blankets as we waited for the anesthesiologist to arrive. I was given phentonol (I think) as a mild sedative (my BP was in the 190s/100s- not good) and then the spinal began. Because of the duration of the surgery and the reduced meds, the anesthesiologist explained that we'd be doing a spinal instead of an epidural. He injected a local into my back which didnt burn (one of the side effects) then he inserted a needle into my spinal fluid, through which the meds were delivered. The strangest feelings were after the needle. It felt like the doctor was snapping things in a circle into my back. It wasnt painful, just odd. In retrospect, I think he was probably securing something around the needle hole to prevent infection. Almost immediately, my legs and butt began to feel like they were going to sleep. Dr. Ali helped me lay down.

My legs were placed in very high stirrups and the kind nurse covered my chest and arms with warm blankets, since I had begun shaking, both from cold and from the anesthesia. Dr. Bailey did an ultrasound and both babies were sleeping with their nice, strong heartbeats. The surgery began.

I was able to feel pressure but no pain. I wiggled my toes throughout, which was kind of odd. I just couldnt help it! I kept wanting to see if I could. Strange, I know. I dont really know what happened during the surgery. I felt the pulling as the stitches were put in place, but that was about it. Monday night, I had a dream that Dr. B. did the stitch on a picnic table with an epidural needle that came from a dirty tackle box, so it was much better than that!

It took about an hour, longer than assumed. Perhaps because I had more cervix to work with? I'm not sure. But at the close, Dr. B. told me how happy he was with the surgery and did another ultrasound. Both babies were awake and very active. Their bags looked great and he said that he didn't feel they were punctured at all. I didnt have a lot of bleeding and he was very pleased. He left while Dr. Ali inserted a catheter, so that he could talk to Peter who was in the waiting room. I was taken to post-OP.

Almost immediately, I began to feel my legs and the drugs began to wear off. The anesthesiologist was really happy with my quick response. But, as the drugs wore off, the cramping began. I got to post-OP at 11 and by 11:30, the cramping was mildly uncomfortable. By noon, it was getting painful and I was afraid. The nurse assured me the cramping was normal and that my bleeding was fine. They offered pain meds but with the caveat that I would have to stay in post-OP for monitoring. I just wanted to get upstairs to where Peter was waiting in the antepartum room I'd been assigned. So, I declined. I was also getting hungry (I hadnt eaten or had anything to drink, per my instructions, since 10pm on Monday). I just wanted to be with my husband.

Finally, around 1pm, I was transported upstairs. The AP nurse gave me my dose of indocin to relax my uterus and some tylenol for the pain. It kicked in within an hour and the cramping died down. Peter held me and told me about his morning, spent praying the pregnancy rosary and holding the St. Gerard handkerchief. He returned my necklace and wedding band. Mostly, he just held me. I ate a sandwich, we watched TV, and we napped. My bleeding was quite mild. I wasnt really moving, except to turn over, and wasnt permitted out of bed. After dinner, we napped again, but at 10pm, when I had more meds, I was starving again and Peter, sweetie that he is, had brought me a spare sandwich when he bought his dinner, since he knew I'd be hungry later. So, I ate that. We watched Law and Order, then the news, then he climbed into bed with me. I've never slept better. It was awkward because of the tubes, but it was well worth the effort. I laid on his chest and he cuddled me while his spare hand held the babies in my womb. We fell asleep and slept until 6am Wednesday.

I took my meds and my last dose of indocin. My cramps were non-existent, although the soreness began. I also felt the need to GO to the bathroom, something the catheter really couldnt help me with. Since I knew it was due to come out that morning, I paged the nurse, who came in and took care of that. I'm glad I was numb when they inserted it because I can only imagine how it felt going in. Coming out, it felt like someone thumped my urethra. Not painful but I wouldnt want it duplicated, either. The nurse said it was okay for me to go to the bathroom and shower. I went. There was no real bleeding at all. I showered and put on my own PJs. So nice...

Dr. Ali's shift ended at 7am and she dropped by to wish us well. Dr. Bailey came in after breakfast, around 9am. He, once again, confirmed that he was very pleased with the stitch. He told me to expect some mild bleeding but to call if I started leaking fluid or gushing blood, or had anything like a period discharge. Mild bleeding OK- heavy bleeding not OK. But, I was relieved that I wasnt really bleeding at all. Dr. B. told us to schedule our sequential screen (which we'll be going for next Friday morning) and to see him in 2 weeks (our appt. is June 4th). Then, we were officially discharged.

We ended up leaving around 10am and got home around 11am. While I was wheeled out of the hospital, I walked into the house on my own with very little discomfort. We cuddled up in our bed, now in the bedroom since I cant do stairs for the remainder of the pregnancy. In the early afternoon, we had lunch (thanks to Peter's mom for making food on Tuesday and putting it in the fridge so we wouldnt have to worry about cooking for a few days). My girlfriend, Sarah, came over after work to check in on us and she stayed for dinner. We talked for a while and Peter got a break. :) No real bleeding.

Of course, that couldnt last. I woke up this morning around 5:30 for my bills and a bathroom visit. There was some light staining and then some bleeding. A walnut-sized clot. I'm sure you can imagine, mentally, what this does, even though you know it is expected for the next few days. I only really spot on my pad, but I think it's because my vagina is still swollen, so I really only see blood when I gently wipe. (TMI- my apologies). I havent really been cramping or anything, just the minor discomfort. But, emotionally, it's still scary. I peed again after breakfast, around 8am, and there was thin, long clot with some more light bleeding. It's never a lot of bleeding. Just red and scary. I may call Dr. B. just for some reassurance if this continues tomorrow. From all I've read and been told, bleeding for up to a week is normal and expected. That the problem is if there is gushing or period like bleeding. But I'm still freaked out.

Right now, as it spent most of yesterday afternoon, is the St. Gerard hanky. I have it folded in half, covering my lower belly. I just keep praying that the healing goes as well as the surgery... That there really is no issue. Although we wont see Dr. Bailey for 2 weeks, we will have the high resolution ultrasound that comes with the sequential screening. In 8 days. So, we'll be able to take a peek and see that the babies are okay.

A million thank yous for all the prayers, messages, emails, and blog comments. It means so much to know that you were all thinking of the babies and pulling for their well being. I cant say thank you enough.

I'm obviously behind on my blog reading, but I promise to catch up, LOL! The joys of bedrest! Peter brought my iMac into the living room and ran an internet cable downstairs, so I can stay connected.

Once again- a million thank yous for the prayers and warm thoughts.


Busted Tube said...

All the best wishes for a speedy, uncomplicated recovery and for the babies to stay safe for months and months! I know how scary any kind of bleeding can be and I hope yours goes away quickly.

LupronGirl said...

Just discovered your and your babies are in my prayers.

Katie said...

Thanks for posting this- I'm so glad to know how you're doing. We've been thinking of you so much. Love and prayers.

k@lakly said...

Great to hear everything went so well. Here's to a few really boring months of bedrest and a couple of really well grown babies at the end of this!!

Angelwingsbaby said...

I am glad to hear that everything went smoothly.You and the babies are in my thoughts and prayers.

Donna said...

I've been thinking about you the past few days hoping that everything was OK. I'm glad to hear that it was! Get some rest and take care of yourself! You've got a lot of baby baking left to do.

momto558 said...

Glad it's over for you.Now just relax and let those babies grow big & strong for their arrival in Dec.What a wonderful Christmas gift:)Take care,my thoughts are with you daily.Hugs,

A n T said...

So glad to hear that all went well. Hope you heal quickly.

Anonymous said...

Hey, so good to hear from you. I'm glad you're being taken care of so well! I also wanted to let you know that if you ever need any one to talk to, if you get antsy on bedrest, shoot me an email. I'm here all day long.

Anonymous said...

Phew! so glad the proceedure went ok. Will be praying for you at mass this morning. xxx

B said...

Good news Michele. Was starting to worry!

If I'm that anxious I can imagine how it must be for you.

Well, that's the next mile stone under your belt and only 8 days till the ultrasound (and no doubt a lot of dvd's!)

Well done. You are doing so well. Each day you are doing a great job of caring for these two.


Lea said...

Glad to hear things went well. I will continue to pray.... xo

djordan said...

Thanks for posting, I've been wondering how it went. I'm so glad that everything went smoothly and will be praying for you and the babies.

Mommy (You can call me OM) said...

Oh, Michele. I'm so happy to hear it went well. I was thinking about you so much.
What really stood out for me in this post is the Adoration. I'm going to sound like a mother here, but can you switch to a more reasonable time of day? Or, perhaps wait until after the babies are born to resume Adoration? I know it's important to you, but I worry about you getting up in the middle of the night to go, especially when weather could make it a bit dangerous (i.e., when the roads get icy next fall).
Again, I'm relieved and happy it went well. I'm sure you had and continue to have anxiety. I'll be here still praying while you rest. :)
Peace, my friend.

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

I'm glad your cerclage went so well!

Thanks very much for posting in detail. Of course I hope that I won't have to face a cerclage, but it's helpful to know what I might be in for in the event that I do.

Good luck with the bedrest!

Reba said...

So glad to hear the surgery went well! I am sure after a procedure like that, a little bleeding must be normal...but we all know way too well the heart-stopping fear of seeing any type of color on the tp. Hoping it stops very soon and those two little ones stay safe and sound in there till December!

Anonymous said...

all the best for a speedy recovery from the cerclage! take it easy, dream about daniel craig but no piledriver sex (haha yes I'm only kidding) and hope that the next few days go by quick so you can see your littlies on screen again.


Anne said...

I'm praying for you and for this pregnacy to be viable. Am checking in often. Thanks for showing pics of Nick, Sophie and Alex. It is wonderful to see such love.

nikki wood said...

I've been thinking of you everyday! I've been bad on my blogging lately but I had to sit down and see if you had updated on the surgery. So is it limited bedrest now? I am so glad things went well, and I am sure everything is normal but I totally understand being scared no matter what!

Living With Loss said...

I am SO pleased that the surgery went well.

I really hope that your recovery is speedy and straight forward and there is no heavy bleeding.

You're in my thoughts, as are your beautiful babies.

Take it easy :)