Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

6am brought some fun news; the library was closed due to all the snow. After the phone rang, I heard the plows as they made the street drivable for folks like Peter who weren't so fortunate. I spent the day organizing the library downstairs. Peter put bookcases together for me and I moved the piano (well, I slid the piano to where I wanted it... I didn't actually pick it up or anything). I reorganized the 2 bookcases that were there and moved them, then organized the half bookcases Peter had put together. They are now where I want them and the middle of the floor is perfect for a rug, some comfy chairs, and a coffee table or ottoman. I'll have to post pictures once we are finished.

Redoing the library meant moving my desk and card catalog (which I use to store office supplies) upstairs to the office. We made this decision since Peter couldn't run the internet cable down from his office to mine. The walls, which are super thick stone, aren't even, so the cord kept getting caught. So, last week, we moved my stuff upstairs. We still aren't finished reorganizing the office, but it is functional and, actually, I don't mind it so much. The only issue is that my books aren't here, but if I really need one, I can always bring it upstairs.

And, in addition to cleaning, my snow day has been full and is quickly coming to an end. We have choir practice at 7:30 tonight, so all in all a pretty full day...

Catholic Social Services called back. They are coming on Tuesday night for our home consultation. Basically, they interview you again, one-on-one this time instead of with other couples, and check out your home. If you pass this step, then the official home visit is next, where they actually inspect your house. I'm nervous about the interview, I can't imagine how on edge I'll be during the inspection. I mean, we live nicely, but you never know what someone will think.

Well, back to cleaning!

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