Friday, January 2, 2009

Back from TN

We left for TN on Christmas Day in the afternoon. We started off Christmas with the Christmas Eve Mass, where we lit candles for our beautiful babies and for all the babies who are mourned for this season... It was a lovely service. Then, we served the 7:30am Christmas Mass, again a lovely service, and then had breakfast with Peter's parents and my dad. They took us to the airport in the afternoon (then went to Peter's aunt's for dinner). We flew to TN (via Chicago) and my mom and stepdad met us at the airport.

We spent a week together, and it was a good trip. Mom and Dad are excellent hosts, and we enjoyed delicious meals and wonderful conversation. We even learned to cook a few dishes along the way! :) We saw my grandmother, and even went on a road trip with her to the cemetary in Alabama, where my grandfather and his family are buried. We visited many people dear to us (if not so near mileage wise) and I'll even be guesting on a radio show about southern women that a friend of mine does. She'd like me to start my own and who knows, perhaps... We'll see. I'm a talker...

We arrived home last night, after a direct flight that took less than 2 hours. It was Nicholas's 11 month birthday and, as soon as we arrived home, we started cooking 'his dinner'. Couldn't let a day go by. But as we pass this mark, I realize that the next time we celebrate his day, it will be on his real birthday... One year since he was born, since this precious baby boy entered the world and changed us forever. I miss them so much.

There is so much to catch up on that I feel irresponsible blogging this morning, so I'll conclude for now and pop back on once the laundry, etc. is finished. I'll leave you with a picture from December 20th, when Peter and I went to NYC with friends. I'm the girl who's dead behind the eyes. It's so wrong to smile when you feel so broken inside.

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