Monday, January 19, 2009


For those who may not know, Peter and I celebrate three anniversaries (outside of the whole, "when we met" sort of thing). June 17th is the "real" one, when we exchanged vows to love forever; September 25th is the "wedding" one, where I wore the white gown and we partied before heading off for the weekend; and Jan. 17th is the "Catholic" one, when we had our nuptials blessed sacramentally.

Saturday, we didn't really do much. Well, I didn't do much. I think Peter worked on things for one of his classes and did some stuff in the office upstairs, but I slept on the couch. We went to Mass in the morning, prayed the Rosary afterwards, and did some work at the church, then we went shopping for some incidentals. Then I took a nap. For 4 hours. We'd planned to go to to the movies, so we caught a late afternoon showing of "Defiance", which was a good movie but was hard to watch (in a "Schindler's List" sort of way...). Finally, we had dinner with friends, since the 17th was the only free night they had.

I didn't sleep. I stayed awake (as did Peter quite a bit) and watched the minutes tick off to Alexander's 8 week birthday. And then I cried. A lot. Peter and I were awake together for it and we held and talked. We were serving at church, so we ended up there by 6:30am. I was there until 1pm; Peter left, but only for an hour in the late morning. And he brought me back a special gift.

I collect Willow Tree figurines. For our anniversary, he added a special one to my collection. It's called "a tree, a prayer" and has the following prayer included: May you find strength, beauty, and peace in each day. Strength, Beauty, and Peace. Nicholas, Sophia, and Alexander. What a beautiful sentiment for every day. I have this on my desk at home, along with "Remembrance", which my dear friend, Meg, gave me. It has three strands of greenery, one each, she said, for my special little ones.

They are just so lovely... Over the years, friends and loved ones have given me different ones, each which I cherish. Peter's mom has given us one for each child, which are in our bedroom. I love to feel the textures and just remember as I hold each one.


k@lakly said...

Happy Anniversary! The figurines are beautiful. I have one a friend gave me when I was pregnant with Caleb. It is the 'Congrats' one. Who knew what would follow.

Cara said...

I love willow tree statues. This one is particularly moving. I am so glad you had each other, and a purging cry.

your faith is astounding.

A n T said...

Happy Anniversary. What a beautiful gift.

S said...

Happy Anniversary! I love those statues too, this one is so lovely. I hope each day together slowly brings you and Peter more peace. I am thinking of you often, and once I'm feeling better we'll have to get together.