Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My little girl

Today, my love, you are 10 months old. How is it that so much time has gone by since my dear little girl was born and then left this world?

At 6:08pm, we were in the car, driving to the dentist. We counted down those moments, talking about your labor and your birth, your beautiful face, all those wonderful little girl things and dreams. Our precious baby girl... We love you so much, Sophia...

And then, last night, Daddy made your birthday meal and Mommy was even able to eat it! And then, we had a raindeer cupcake to celebrate. As we sang "Happy Birthday", the flame on the candle danced, and even in our silence afterwards, as we watched it burn down, the flame moved. And you were with us... We felt you there...

I miss you so much, my dear one. You, who looked like me, who shared my smile, you... my precious daughter... The one who sings the Holy so loudly in church, who never stops talking to me... You, that little imagine of me. How much I love you!

Hug your brothers for me in heaven, dear one. I'll hug all of you forever in my heart.

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Anonymous said...

I want to say i am sorry for your immense losses. I want to say I understand the hurt and that you are not alone. I have had 2 separate pregnancy losses at 22 weeks and at 23 weeks. words can not express how dearly my baby girls are missed. I know the pain can run very deep and i hope that you and your husband are somehow coping.

-from someone who understands all to well.