Tuesday, January 3, 2017


I'm so tired and yet, at 11:30pm, I'm still awake... waiting on the laundry to finish so that I can throw in yet another load.

How much puke can two kids make?  At 4pm, Lucas started throwing up out of the blue.  He had been playing and then, poof!  Puke.  By 6pm, Bobby had joined him.  Unfortunately for all of us, his puke happened on the way to the dinner table, hit the table cloth, two dining chairs, Peter's leather jacket, and a significant portion of the floor.  Between the two of them, we are now up to 14 puke experiences, a half dozen showers, 5 loads of wash with at least 2-3 to go, and an empty bottle of Clorox spray.  God only knows what the next few hours will entail.  I'm alternating between praying that they are able to get some sleep and that the other two don't get whatever it is.

In general, I'm not great with puke.  I tend to be a sympathy puker and if there is one thing I hate, it's vomiting.  Being pregnant isn't helping and I'm overcompensating by being a potty mouthed bitch.  I nearly slipped on a pile of puke, to which I said loudly, "For F-s sake!".  And, of course, being Mom of the Year over here, Michael promptly repeated me.  Good work.  In addition to being a swearing, order barking, all around jerk to be around because I'm alternating between wanting to throw up myself, being super hungry, and having my body ache from carrying around a sick 15 month old or a 3.5 year old who is desperate for some attention/cleaning up puke/cleaning up everything, I'm on the verge of crying at the drop of a hat because when Peter throws that shit back at me with his own stressed out responses, I feel like he's being mean to me.  And so the cycle continues. In reality, we're just two trashed, exhausted parents trying desperately to care for sick kids, well kids, and the mess that happens from both.  That's much clearer by the light of my laptop; not so clear in the light from the bathroom sink as you're cleaning up a vomit laced bathtub.

God willing, there will be no more vomit in the 20 minutes that remains of tonight and, if we are lucky, none tomorrow.


Amelia said...

I just have to say I love me a potty mouth bitch. We're all human. Sending love and glorious cootie free thoughts your way.

Michele said...

Funny enough, I've always been a cusser and none of the kids mimicked me until last night. Michael is going to be "that" kid, lol. Now I'll have to watch myself!