Saturday, January 7, 2017

Mama Down

With a stomach bug, it's bound to happen.  First, the kids fall like dominos, then the parents.  In our case, it was Lucas then Bobby then Maya... Michael got skipped... and Peter and I fought with it off and on.   Maya had the worst of the fever and uncomfortableness; Bobby had the worst of the puking.  Then, Friday hit and Peter was sick to the point of taking the day off from work, which he rarely does for himself.  Last night?  Mama's turn.  The last two days, I've been in bed until nearly 11am.  Today, I didn't even get out of my bathrobe after my shower until, quite literally, moments ago.


Nothing says fun like dealing with the joys of a stomach bug while pregnant and trying to parent.  God love Peter, he got Lucas to nap and then took the older three out in the snow for some playing (and shoveling), so I had a nice forty minutes of quiet and no touching.  Since then, I've been covered in touching and have pondered the differences in being sick sans kids and being sick with them.

Before kids, when I got sick, nothing got done.  Now?  Those dishes still need washing and people still need feeding.

Before kids, you could literally stay in bed all day.  Now?  Even if you are in bed, someone will be with you.

Before kids, you could watch whatever you want on tv, while lounging.  Now?  I'm on the couch watching Bee Movie while covered in one sleeping toddler and having another child who wishes he were  toddler crawling on my legs.  (In fairness, Bee Movie ended an hour ago and since then, I've been subjecting the family to the NFL Playoffs).

Before kids, you could not eat and not care.  Now, you have to make dinner, no matter how crappy you feel, because other people depend on you to eat.

Before kids, your bathroom moments were private.  Now, there is the enduring of puking and pooing while explaining to your kids that a) you are okay and b) yes, it's gross and c) yes, it stinks.

Before kids, you were blissfully alone when you felt like crap, with no one to care for.  After kids, you are blissfully aware that your kids love you, as they snuggle all over you, tell you to get better (or, are like Michael, who demands that "YOU ARE NOT SICK!!!"), and try to take care of you while also taking care of their own needs that they can.

On the note of feeding the masses, I'm informed that people are hungry.  Good times.  Here's to hoping my cornbread lunch stays down!

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