Monday, January 2, 2017

#8 at 21 weeks

We had our 20 week anatomy scan last week, which revealed a happy, healthy (and very active) baby girl.  We knew she was a genetically healthy girl before Thanksgiving, when the result of my NIPT came back, but opted to do the 20 week to find out if there was anything we needed to be concerned with that the NIPT wouldn't pick up.

I'm happy to say all is well!  Introducing.... Anna Maire!  EDD is 5/15/17 but we will be scheduling our cesarean for 5/8/17 at 39 weeks and, God willing, I'll get that far.
Anna Maire at 20w3d
Anna, pronounced with a soft a, /ah-nah/, comes from the Greek which comes from the Hebrew, and is for St. Anna the Prophetess, whose feast day changes and falls between Nicholas and Sophia's birthdays in February.  Maire, the Gaelic form of Mary, is pronounced /mare-ah/ and is for the Blessed Virgin Mary, as our daughter is due in May, the month for the Blessed Mother.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful name. And I'd missed the announcement that she's a girl -- I bet Maya is excited to have another sister!

Michele said...

She is beyond excited!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

A baby girl, I'm so excited for all of you. Keeping you and your little one in my thoughts and prayers.