Monday, November 26, 2012


I asked Peter today if I was always this sick and tired when I was pregnant before.  Honestly, I dont remember.  I know I had a touch of morning sickness, and that I felt sleepy after a long day of work, but this entire, ready-to-pass-out-10-minutes-after-waking-up and all day nausea (and, as of yesterday, puking) extravaganza seems a bit much from what I am used to.  I realize I wasn't chasing after a pair of three year olds at the time, but still... 

So, the tired.  It's like a bone deep, been up partying all night type of tired.  By the time the kids are bathed and in bed, I've already dozed for part of the evening.  If it wasnt for trying to keep up with the hurricane during nap time, I'd be sleeping then too!  As it is, I think I may have the health department just condemn the kitchen post lunch and use the two hours or so that the kids are sleeping to actually crash, dishes, floor, and laundry be damned.  Probably not, but it's a nice thought!  Thankfully, I am sleeping the sleep of the dead at night.  Other than getting up to pee every few hours, I'm blissfully asleep.

Until 5am. 

Apparently the baby enjoys running because I am raring to go before the sun is.  The fact that it is dark and cold has been keeping me in bed, but since I am so tired by the time Peter gets home, I'm thinking that I might want to just go ahead and get my butt up so that I can run while I still want to!

And then there's the nausea.  Holy goodness.  I know this is a great sign, that nausea is a sign of high progesterone and the added hormones, so I'm thrilled.  (I'm thrilled about the tiredness too, another good sign, and I'll take all the good signs I can get!).  But I hate the feeling of throwing up (which is beat only by that feeling of wanting to throw up and not).  I've had all day nausea for the last few days, and yesterday was apparently the day when puking added in.  Fun times.  Today, poor Maya woke up to my pyrotechnics and didnt look amused.  When I tried to say I'm okay, I had to stop mid sentence and head back to the bathroom.  Yeah... I'm pretty smooth. When I came out, she was shaking her head.  Poor kid. 

Yesterday, Peter and I went on a date and saw the latest Bond flick, Skyfall.  Aside from the fact that it was 2+ hours of yummy Daniel Craig (which is always a plus during this phase of my life), the movie was really quite good.  Without giving anything away, I can say that I think it really sets the entire 007 franchise up in a good place for future movies, and really has completed what the previous two movies set out to do when they restarted Bond from the beginning of his commissioning as a 00.  So, all in all, pretty cool.  And I get this funny line out of it.  When we were standing at the concession line and I was lamenting the cost (really??? $6.50 for a "small" popcorn and $6.25 for a "small" soda???) and the several combos (kid combo, senior combo), I asked Peter, "where is the pregnancy combo?" since I had already vacilated between pretzle bites, nachos, or the overpriced popcorn.  (Who am I kidding? It's all overpriced!).  Without missing a beat, he said, "For $20, you can get whatever and change your mind as many times as you want."


The kiddos are doing well.  Bobby seems to always get a runny nose and some congestion whenever the weather changes a degree or two.  Our recent descent from fall into winter temps is no exception, and my sweet little guy has more snot that a St. Bernard and woke up this morning with his chest rattling.  He seems happy, though.  Other than the runny nose being wiped every hour, he is his cheerful self, playing and laughing and eating, so I don't think he's sick in the general sense of the word. Which is great.  But it does afford me some extra snuggles (when I'm not being sick), so that's a nice thing. :)

I think I might put a sign on the door that says "If you are visiting between 1pm and 4pm, please dont knock or ring the doorbell.  I assault people who wake my kids up from nap."  I had no sooner put the kids down at 1:15, spent a few minutes hoping I wouldnt puke up my soup, and sat down on the couch when the silence of sleeping babies was shattered by the doorbell.  I opened the door and it was the gutter cleaners.  Of course.  The kids didn't wake up (thank God!!!), not even when it sounded like the roof was caving in as the guys cleaned.  I, of course, couldnt sleep, but they did, and for that (and the 2.5 hour nap) I am grateful.

I love living in a neighborhood.  Our neighbors are really awesome, and I just love everything about our little town.  What I don't love?  The letter I got in my mail on Friday.  An 'anonymous' neighbor from 5 streets over mailed a letter to the Borough, cc'd us on it, and complained that our shrubs were overgrown and violating Borough laws.  I checked it out and didnt agree, so I did what any self respecting homeowner would do.  I emailed her (she didnt give her name or address, but did put her email address in the letter) and told her that I found it a bit rude that she didnt come to me directly, then I cc'd her on an email to all the Borough personnel she'd addressed in the letter, telling them that I welcomed their visit.  One of the guys came out today and laughed that he couldnt see anything wrong with our shrubs or trees, and that he was sorry for the inconvenience.  Because I feel like a two year old, I totally want to email her and say "na na na boo boo" but my grown up side is winning out.  But still... Really?  Who does that?  I run through this town all the time and see some pretty awful, inconvenient lawn/tree issues; if I ever had that much of an issue, I'd go up and knock on the door!  We're a small town in a nice little suburb.  Why not just talk to your neighbors?  Especially since we are outside a fair amount of time, and would welcome the interaction with new folks?  I guess, in this day and age, you just dont know who you might encounter and perhaps an anonymous letter is the only way you can feel safe, but it makes me sad.  But, hey, my shrubs and trees are in compliance with whatever laws there are, so that's something! (seeing as I'm the one who trims them and does our yard work!)


sunflowerchilde said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Even though I have been hoping for you, it took me completely by surprise! As for the doorbell during naps - I tape a post-it over the doorbell during naps (when I remember) that says "Babies sleeping, please knock" after someone rang the doorbell once right after I put them down, and it works just fine.

Ms. J said...

I wish I'd known about the shrubs...I totally woulda told you to get a photo of you and Borough guy in front of code-compliant shrubs giving a thumbs-up to the camera.

Puking. I don't even like that word. Lets call it something else, like Rex or even Skyfall. "Peter, I have to Rex."

juliane2004 said...

Somehow I missed your post! Congrats :)